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    Usernames and Passwords


      With all the use of Web 2.0 with students, how do you help students (and maybe even yourself) remember all the usernames and passwords for their various accounts.  I use computer generated key ring tags with staff and students.  I attended a presentation with Kevin Honeycutt and he shared a template he used for the key rings.  I've attached the file with this post.  Let me know if you have problems opening.  Many of our staff began to do the same for students.  The name of the site and url goes on one side and the username and password goes on the other.  On some of the resources the password is omitted for obvious reasons. Most only include the password when privacy is not so much an issue.


      I also came across a blog post today on how to help students keep track of usernames and passwords.


      For my Intel trainings, I use the Intel template for this.  I'd be interested in knowing what ways others help students and staff keep up with usernames and passwords?

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          We have a district login and password which is assigned to all students and employees for access to the computer, email, AR, online texts etc. We encourage teachers and students to keep that login for all resources and web 2.0 sites. The student will keep their login even if they change schools so it is all very consistent across the district. Anyone else? How do you structure your login info?

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              It's a great idea to have district logins.  Starting at our middle school, they begin to have logins such as this.  At our 3rd through 5th, we just have classroom logins to access the Internet and only 5th grade has email.  Classroom logins give them limited access to sites on the Internet although we are pretty open with most Web 2.0.  Teachers log in and get more access.  At least with student logins, you can track behavior better I would think.  Is this for K-12 in your district?

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                We start our students with a district login at the kindergarten level.


                They start with the login as 3 letters of their last name and the password is a 3 letter word (different for all)


                At 3rd grade they "graduate" to 5 letters of last + 2 of their first their passwords become a 3 letter word + 2 numbers


                At 6th grade their password changes to 3 letters + 3 numbers


                At 9th they change to 7 letter and number combo --


                This is the same password used for server accounts and moodle access.


                They are encouraged to use this same info for their web2.0 logins.


                The homeroom teachers have all of the password information so they are able ot help their students.


                This has worked very well for us.

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                In our district, students use their names as login and lunch number for passwords.  This is mainly with the elementary students.