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    Have You Seen a Transformation?


      I have been conducting Essentials training since 2003 and have had many opportunities to experience a wide variety of participating teachers.  There are many participants who came into the class really unsure about the power of technology in their teaching and their students' learning.  I have seen several teachers who were initially hesitant, skeptical or negative with respect to technology move toward eager, enthusiastic and inspired teachers.  REAL transformations!  I am interested in hearing your stories of experiences with participating teachers making great transformations into confident, engaged educators empowered by what they learn in any of Intel's courses.  Bring them on!

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          I to was one of those teacher that began late in life and the only technology I ever did was an electric typewriter.  I had a friend that took me under her wing and gave me the encouragement and support I needed to move forward.  I use Ipad's , ipods, laptops, innovation stations, and  digital camers. We make glogsters, read electronic books, we use IPad for the weather ,etc. Students use innovation station to share strategies for CGI.  This began 3 years ago and I this past week I was nominated the teacher of the year this week for all the innovative technology I do.   I find it so exciting and fun that I am I am still able to learn at this age.  The parents that I get to come in and help me with computer lab in my classroom are so amazed at how the children work and how quickly they learn.  I don't think I could do it any other way now.  So, I have been transformed,

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            I traveled to the eastern part of the state to teach an INTEL workshop to a system who was just beginning to bring computers into the classroom.  Many teachers had computer but just like the lab, they were not being used because they just did not know how to teach with them other than by using the canned programs that had been purchased.  I provided a four day training with a musical theme.  Our essential questions were created with a song in mind.  Long story short, a week after returning from the training, I began receiving emails from teachers sharing with me how they were using the lessons that they had created.  One teacher was using her wiki in her English class to create discussion on lessons taught and to provide feedback to student questions.  The media specialist had create a Cultural Cinderella where she visited countries and taught the culture through their version of Cinderella.  A business teacher wrote me a two page letter sharing how she had used her lesson in her class and how it was being used as a model across the county to share with other business teachers model lessons.  This was a proud moment for me!

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                I am shocked!  I can't imagine any school in NC not having classroom computers.  I was a Media/Technology Coordinator for 18 years and all my schools had both labs and classroom computers. We weren't rich but we planned and used erate money to set up the district.


                At our school the greatest transformation is in some of our math and science classroom where teachers are starting to use the technology for engaging presentations.

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                I had a great ah-ha moment during a TwT training session this past school year. As we were going over CFQ's and really hitting essential questions, one of the participants looked at me and said, "So I could use 1 EQ for the whole year, right?  So I don't have to try to come up with one for every unit? I get it now!"


                Talk about a proud "mommy-moment"....errrrrrrr.......trainer moment.

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                    Julie that was truly a proud "mommy moment" ... or "trainer moment" if you wish to call it that. Such a comment helped you know the teacher internalized the concept of an Essential Question.


                    Like this teacher, I also came to the idea I could use my Essential Question throughout a year. I've attached a copy of what is on my board EVERY day.


                    Screen shot 2011-01-31 at 8.14.01 PM.png


                    I find students often enter the classroom and begin discussing how the day's topic relates to the Essential Question. Now I'm wondering if I should replace "Today's Topic" with either a "Unit Question" or a "Content Question." What do my Intel Friends think?

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                    I can remember about 8 years ago I sat down with my principal for our annual PD Conference.  When asked what area I thought I could grow in, of course I responded with technology.  That summer I enrolled in a few Summer PD classes and haven't stopped since.  I had the incentive to take the classes, receive guidance and feedback and slowly but surely my skills began to grow.  The basic foundation that any teacher has to build upon when taking on technology is intrinsic motivation and patience. From there collaboration with colleagues is essential and that is why I enjoy being a part of the technoscientist program.