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    "Scary Neil's" Ghost Walk

      With the help of Dyane Smokorowski, I would like to start a travel buddy about ghosts.  While in Charleston SC at the Intel Summit, Dyane, Cindy, Val and I had the opportunity to go on a very, very, LAME ghost walk.  We were told about the “hauntings” in the area and so we decided to create our own ghost walk in the Engage Community.  We hope this will become a truly international effort.  Here is what we would like you to do:


      To register for "Scary Neil" to visit your classroom, email azneil1@gmail.com or visit our google form located at

      https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dFpqX2wwSndUNnp3LURrTVBsemxnb1E6MQ with the following information:

      • Teacher Contact Name
      • Teacher Email
      • Name of School
      • Number of students involved with the project
      • List of historical figures in your area that could be incorporated in the Epic Poem


      Project Requirements:

      1. Download and print “Scary Neil” from this post.  Photograph “Scary Neil” at the historical haunted area learning about historical facts and figures of your region. We are definitely looking for students to connect with their local histories through participation in the project.  Take photos and upload to this thread here in Engage Community.


      1. The class, as a group, will add to Neil's Epic Historical      Journey Poem 12 lines describing what he has learned while visiting your      class. (Think Homer's Odyssey as we build one true epic poem with each      stop another chapter).  Post      the Epic Poem with the picture/s when you reply to this thread.


      1. At the end      of the journey, I will post the entire poem. 


      We decided to do this electronically instead of using “snail mail” so that we can show how students can collaborate and communicate worldwide.  We hope you will join us.