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    February 2011 Webinar Activity - Exploring All Things Intel Teach



      Ready to take virtual tour of all things Intel Teach?  You might be surprised how many amazing and free resources, tools, and professional development opportunities are available to educators.


      As a follow up activity to your tour of Intel.com/Teachers, which resource, unit plan, tool, or professional development opportunity do you believe is most beneficial to you and why?  Share any examples of how you have used any of the Intel Teach programs with your students and or other educators.


      Post your response between February 19th - March 21st to be entered into a prize drawing for a Logitech Professional Presenter R800 with Green Laser Pointer. The drawing will end on March 21st, but this thread will remain active after the incentive period.


      Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we can only ship prizes within the U.S.,but the contents of this discussion are applicable to every Intel Teach educator worldwide, so please help build a solid set of tips and resources for everyone.  We look forward to your contributions.
      The drawing was conducted and the prize was awarded.
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          I am looking forward to meeting you all online and sharing the great resources that you can access via the online Intel Teach resources.


          We will start by looking at great examples of projects that are available at all grade levels and subject areas.  We will also visit the latest online eLearning courses available through Intel Teach and provide some "hands-on" exploration of the teaching tools.


          See you online

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            I really love Assessing Projects for my own classroom and for working with colleagues - having a tool box of great assessment tools is so helpful for classroom teachers. My students love Visual Ranking and always love the opportunity to collaborate and share their ideas. We've moved from personal opinions to being able to support their ideas with references from our class or research, which is a major learning piece for third graders.

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              Assessing Projects by far is the best! When I was in the classroom, I wish I would have had this. Would have made rubrics much easier to make. As I continue to roll out TwT classes, the two areas I really push are Assessing Projects and the Intel Community.  The Intel Community is so rich with ideas, help, contacts.....I check it out daily!

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                Designing Effective Projects: Thinking Skills

                The resources on this page are very helpful when working with teachers. I have had many conversations with teachers about what student thinking looks like and am always surprised by what people view as higher order thinking (HOT). Even teachers in the same school have very different understandings of what HOT looks like in a classroom. The information on this page can help teachers create a common vision of HOT so at all kids are engaging essential content in ways that go beyond memorization and recall.

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                  Over and over and over again I use and reference the "Assessment Tool" found at the "Free Tools" site.  I use this site with many different groups of teachers in my role as a Consultant in Iowa.  Without a doubt, there has never been a more comprehensive collection of assessments that I have found in my years as an educator.  Specifically, I just worked with a group of teachers focusing on improving critical thinking, and helped them to dig deeper in their own work to move their own practice and improve the content of the teacher work.


                  Not only do I and teachers appreciate that it's there, but the content is phenomenal as well.  The fact there are rubrics in this location that cover 21st Century Skills, including,  "Critical Thinking," "Blogging," etc.  I will continue to use this and share with as many people as I can!!  Thanks Intel for your work to creat this resource!

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                    I love all of the resources that Intel has for teachers applying for their National Board Certification. I coordinate my school district's efforts for teachers that are applying for this certification, and a lot of the content within the Essentials and TWT courses are a huge help...especially with helping teacher's understand what a BIG IDEA is. The essential questions are really helpful.

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                      My favorite resource at the intel site, is the Assessment resource. I have used this on many occasions with my PTs and this is the tool they use the most. I think that effective assessment is so key to education. We are all working hard to move to quality assessments. Teachers are eager to "up level" their assessment skills and tools. I have been very impressed watching the evolution to formative and summative tools but especially pleased with the addition of the student peer review process. Involving students in the evaluation process is powerful and I really like that the assessment teacher toolbox has so many excellent resources to support the student involvement in the evaluation process.

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                        I have used Visual Ranking the most since it is the easiest to implement. I love the ability to create on the fly. My last lesson with  using the tool....hmmm...my students had 3 locations  to research in a studies skills class. I am attaching the assignment sheet.



                        I am in love with the visual ranking tool. I think if it were on an online dating site then it would look something like this...


                        Screen Name: VisualRanking4U


                        Tag line: The right educational tool looking for the right teacher


                        About me and who I am looking for: I am looking for someone who thinks for themselves, but not for everyone around them. Someone who is willing to drag and drop and comment when necessary or appropriate. My mate must love innovative ways to integrate technology into the curriculum or at least willing to give it a try.


                        Favorite Things: Ranking (of course), Commenting, Ordering, Prioritizing


                        Favorite Hot Spots: Classrooms across the World, Intel Teach website, Engage site