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    Online Resource Share


      I delivered a workshop at a conference today with some pretty neat tools!  I thought I'd share them here and please reply with any you would like to share as well.


      http://fur.ly/5159  (right click to open in new window)


      At the above link you'll find:









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          Doug thanks so much for the links you provided in Livebinders!  I appreciate your efforts to show a variety of tools to spark their interest.  I have dabbled in Teamness and hope to use it for our 21st century skills institute this summer.  I am always looking for the right tool to demonstrate the right skill for collaboration between educators ands students- and you have done that for me today- thank you!



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            I was interested in spaaze....only because of the name. I am not sure if it is just me but web 2.0 names are Koo Koo Krazy (that may be the name of the web 2.0 tool that I create...LOL). I never know how to pronounce some of these. I thought this one was spaz like spastic but in the video on Doug's livebinder the guy sounds like he is saying space...Go Figure!


            This one has a wallwisher feel to it. You are posting content to a wall. It is beta version and after a certain period then there will be paid features but at least the free version will keep impt features like bookmarks. Ok so let me make a classroom connection. I could create a wall of digital book talks from Youtube or Vimeo to be used during a book talk on a certain genre. I could also create a digital pathfinder for students to do research. Does anyone have any classroom applications for these tools? Please share.