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    Reflecting on the Nature of Science


      I am working on a series of podcasts relating to helping students understand the nature of science and STEM. I've noticed many teachers infer STEM to mean Science and Math. Some add in the Technology component. Rarely do teachers include the Engineering aspect of the term. My goal in these podcasts will be to assist teachers in identifying how they can help students become critical thinkers and enjoy science.

      This first episode introduces the concept and some of the science skills I hope to delve into through the podcasts. The main skills I hope to focus on are:

      • Observing
      • Questioning
      • Exploring
      • Making and testing hypotheses
      • Comparing predictions
      • Evaluating data
      • Communicating conclusions

      Episode #1 is available now available via online or via YouTube. (Be aware the sound quality is a little rough due to a scratchy throat I've been fighting for several weeks now.)


      What other science skills do you think would be appropriate to add to the podcasts? What Math, Engineering, and Technology skills might I also consider adding? I value the input of my fellow Intel Teach friends.

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          A quick update on the video...


          I just received notice from a woman in the Netherlands that she is using this video. She said it greatly helped her own Elementary School aged children better understand science. She explained how this is on their list of "resources." I appreciate seeing how global science knowledge is.