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    Intel Teach LIVE - Feb 2011 - Exploring All Things Intel Teach


      Link to archived webinar - Exploring Intel Teach

      Link to Follow-up Activity - Exploring All Things Intel Teach


      Special guest and fellow National Senior Trainer, Dan Morris, gave us a tour of the free resources and tools located at http://www.intel.com/education/teachers/   Thank you Dan for your wonderful insight on the tour.


      Here is the recap -

      • Designing Effective Projects - Interested in what Project Based Learning is and how to start implementing it?  This resource is an excellent place to explore and even browse the unit plan index for ideas based on higher levels of thinking for your K-12 classroom.
      • Intel Help Guide - Need step by step easy to understand help with word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, and presentation softwares?  This amazing tool, which supports 20 different languages, provides the steps you need to use these tools more effectively and without high tech wording. 
      • Intel Thinking Tools - Excellent tools that take student thinking processes and makes them visual. 
      • Intel Elements Short Courses - Free, self-paced, just in time online courses teachers can take to explore current trends in 21st century professional development such as project based learning, assessing in 21st century classrooms, collaboration tools, and data collection.
      • Assessing Projects - Understanding how to assess higher levels of thinking in the classroom and to promote the 21st century skills of self-direction, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.