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    Elements session

      I recently conducted a two and a half hour incomplete session on PBA , at the Lahore Grammar School, i had 31 teachers of the Junior section, as particpants, two teachers amongst them were special teachers and used JAWS software for conversion in word,  these and the others found  the session very useful, and  one of the experienced teachers asked if they could keep this link in their orientation folder, upon inquiring they told me the orientation folder is for all entry level teachers of the school which guides them class managment techniques,report making points  and  everything relevant/needed   for teachers. It was a good idea we  will be completing the remaining Modules next Friday

      I wanted to know  can we use anyother software for them as JAWS does not show pictures,and  is only a screen reading software.

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          Nasiraa - first of all congrats on have a successful start to your PBA course. 


          I am not familiar with the JAWS software and its capabilities.   Are you looking for screen reading software that also identifies and shares images?  I think that if you gave some more information that there might be some community members that have recommendations for you.

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              Thanks very much, i think it is  the course  which is self explanatory, and makes teachers understand  the gist of Project Based appraoches.as these two teachers were blind, they needed some more support, they were filling the action plans but  wanted to see the pictures, as displayed on the screen,so i wanted to know if  any software exists whcih can help them more.