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    Is there REALLY an APP for that Hangman Game



      Have  you heard the catch phrase...there is an app for that? We know that  there are apps for GPS, flashlights, restaurant reviews, and flight  status and 350,000 more, but we are asking you to tell us about the best  apps for education. This thread will change on a weekly basis giving  you one clue a week to help solve our hangman puzzle. The difference is  you will not be guessing letters, we will give you the letters.


      Each  week, you will be given two letters of the hangman puzzle with the challenge to provide us with apps that begin with those revealed  letters. For example, if we give you the letter “I” you can list your  favorite educational apps that also begin with the letter “I” such as  iPadio, iSketch, iTip, iTalk, iHandy Level, or iTranslate Words.

      Requirement 1: Provide the name, cost of the application, and mobile platform for the app
      Requirement 2: Suggest which grade level(s) would use it
      Requirement 3: Classroom or professional development scenario or unit this app would enhance.


      Week 1 Challenge: Letters I and K
      Week 2 Challenge: Letters E and S
      Week 3 Challenge: Letters R and T
      Week 4 Challenge: Letters A and C
      Week 5 Challenge: Letters B and V
      Week 6 Challenge: Letters L and O

      Week 7 Challenge  Letters W and H
      Week 8 Challenge: Letters N


      I NT E L T E ACH  L I V E   W E B I NARS   ROCK


      After the game is complete, we will index everything and create a document of all the apps we collect.

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