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    Reflections questions

      Does anyone have some reflection questions I can distribute to fifth graders after using some of these wonderful presentation tools? I want to gather some formal feedback to present to the teachers, principal, and community members.



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          Silvana - have you checked out  Intel Education: Assessing Projects? Assessing Projects helps teachers create assessments that address 21st century skills and provides strategies to make assessment an integral part of their teaching and help students understand content more deeply, think at higher levels, and become self-directed learners.


          Check out the Assessment Library > Processes folder > Reflection and you will see some sample assessments. I think that you will like the Project Reflection Checklist - it is a great place to get started to have students reflect on their work. 

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            I like to ask students an "Essential Question" when using the tools. One major opportunity for me has been parents describing discussions of these questions at home. There are times I will use an "Essential Question" without using an Intel Teach tool. I enjoy the discussions that happen from these questions.


            Have you looked at some of the open-ended Essential Questions associated with Designing Effective Projects?

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