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    What is my status now?

      Hi. I had been senior trainer Intel for alomost 9 years. Now I am working as director for Continuous Professinoal Development Program for 36 districts of Punjab in pubic private partnership. At present I have 100 subject specialists and by end December 2011 the number will increase to 150. Moreover I am in the processs of Introducing "Internship Pass Certificate to Science Math Language Teaching (SMLT)" where fresh M.Ed with majors in Science Education or a post graduate in English Literature/ English Language Teaching, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics will be appointed in Low Cost Private Scools for a period of one year. On the successful completion of a year teaching they will be promoted to the status of SMLT.


      My question is if I can take the first 100 SMLT teachers who have minimum 3 years teaching experience through Teach Essentials Online training starting from May 2011. I will do it free of cost. I am an active member of this community and would like to continue serve teachers by providing them chances to enhance their skills using Essentials PBL approach.


      I have changed jobs but still working for quality education. For details please visit our site www.pef.edu.pk


      How can I go about training teachers on Teach Essentials Online as Senior Trainer using this community in future? or

      Leaving Intel Teach means I leave this community too and forget about Intel Trainings?


      Awaits for answers for the clarification of my present status and future on this community



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          Dear Bushra,


          It is so nice to hear about your continued interest in Intel Teach courses. As for coordinating trainings for teachers of institutions under your jurisdiction, kindly coordinate with senior trainers of Intel Education RTA and they will be able to discuss when, how and which training courses can be conducted for these teachers.


          thanks once again for your interest. Regards, Khadija

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            As a Kinder teacher in the beginning phase of introduting 21st Technology into my classroom.  I am very impressed how well my students have become engaged with it.  I want to continue to participate in my TechnoSciencetists group and grow with technology.  I hope to encourage others to come aboard and put technology into their classrooms.  I have learned alot this year and I know there is much more to learn to incorporate into my teaching.   I appreciate all the Techno Mentors, Educators, etc.. out there and will support keeping jobs as such in education.

            Jackie Totten

            Austin, TX

            Kindergarten Teacher

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              Hello Bushra...I am so glad you are part of this community; it is quality educators like you that make this a great place to grow and learn. Our community is open to all educators worldwide so please continue to include Engage as part of your learning network. Also, the group feature can be used for any trainings you conduct whether it is an Intel Teach training or not. If you would like more information on using our group feature (a separate community space you can create and manage for educational purpose), let me know. You can also review our group manual in the Facilitate section for more information.


              Good Luck with your current work...it sounds wonderful!

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                I have also changed postions as I will now be working with the Education Service Center (Region XIII) in Instructional Technology with 60 plus school districts in Central Texas. I'm looking foward to sharing this wonderful resource with other Educators in Texas.



                Juan Orozco