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    Need Training Content

      Hello Everyone

      we are living in 21st century but still there are children who have not seen a school and have no concept what a school really is. Yes that is right.

      I have to prepare a week training plan for 40 schools. These 40 schools are called NSP which means New School Program. Punjab Foundation has a program in which funds are allocated to establish schools in rural areas where there is no public or private school within a radius of 2km. In this respect 40 schools have been established in 2008. Each school exists in backward rural areas, at some places there is not even a proper raod. But the best thing is that the children do not have to travel to cities or stay back home, we provide them education in their villages.


      I have been asked to send our Subject Specialists for a week to these schools for an over all school improvement plan in the month of April. There are 7 to 12 teachers in a school. Schools are quite far away from eachother and hence we cannot do training in clusters. The only possible thing is to send one SS per school for a week to stay and do the needful. There is only one principal and hardly 2 to 3 teachers who are graduate rest our only intermediate or grade 10 qualified. I am confuse as to what content I use for overall school improvement plan.


      If anyone of you have ever done such initial level training kindly do suggest or share material. These 40 schools were established on Punjab Education fund and in phase 1. We are entering in phase 4. We need to come up with strategies to imporve our schools as well and hence we are starting with the phase 1 schools. Hence there will be series of trainings as well as allocation of resources for these children in future.


      I am really looking forward for an immediate response from all community members for sharing very simple training material for the up lift of education like that of "teachers as facilitator, 21st century skills", etc. Something ready to use due to shortag of time... or with a very little localiztion may be. If you want i will definitely take you on a virtual tour of these schools through picutures or i could get an SS to comeback with a video to upload here.




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          Bushra, having you considered using the Elements courses?  They are self-paced and you could add a webinar feature to do collaboration.  I not sure if that would fit your situation, but I wanted to share that with you.   Here is the link to the site if you don't have it available.  http://www.intel.com/about/corporateresponsibility/education/programs/elements.htm



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            Hi Bushra,

            I'm not sure if you have any technology available to you. I would start with Project Based learning and if you don't have the technology just some of the strategies for Project Based Learning would be helpful to bring the teachers together to share ideas and plan activities for all content areas in one cohesive package. The training could be with all the teachers in the group working through some of the PBL activities on paper if no technology is available and by the end of the week having a plan for one unit and they can build on the skills they have learned to develop more units. As the trainers move from area to area that can share the projects the other schools have developed so by the end you could have several units developed. I find teaching the content through a project that all teachers and students are involved in creates the best learning for all.

            Do you have access to the Intel Elements Project Based Learning CD? That is a good starting point to organize the training.

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                Thank you both of you for replying to the post. I am also thinking on the same lines. I am in love with PBL. I conducted Element in 2009 at Qurban and Suraya Educational Trust in Pakistan. Teachers loved it there as well.


                My only concern is not technology but language. Our schools have one computer since the principals need to do documentation and keep a lot of record as we fund them. Meanwhile we are polanning to arrange 2 computers per school hopefully before this year ends but since we are a public body things move at a slower pace but i am very optimistic. Children want computers.


                Anyhow like i mentioned that my concern is language and i was thinking that if I select first two modules and do voice over for this month. In the follow up two visits we can cover remaining modules.....


                Please keep me posting more ideas and suggestions as there is still two weeks to go before everything is finalised.