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    Intel's Paige Johnson has been nominated for EdNET's BEST for 2011 Leader to Watch list


      Congratulations to Paige Johnson! She was named one of EdNet’s Best for 2011 Leaders to Watch. Read latest comments at the end of the this thread [added 6-1-2011-original discussion posted 4-8-2011]


      Anyone who has met Paige already knows she is a 'leader to watch', now it is time to let everyone else know. You can select five people from the nominated list. It is super fast and easy.


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      Paige Johnson is Global Director of K-12 Education for Intel’s Corporate  Affairs Group. For more than two decades, she has led education transformation  as a focal point aligning experts from all fields towards continuous improvement  for education.

      Paige created and scaled the Intel® Teach Program, an unparalleled  professional development initiative with more than 9 million teachers trained in  over 60 countries. Intel Teach helps K-12 educators engage students with  project-based approaches and effective use of technology to prepare them for the  global innovation economy. She also developed a suite of innovative teacher  productivity and higher-order thinking tools, free for educators at www.intel.com/education/k12.  Under her management, the  program remains on the leading edge of education reform, evolving to support  teachers where new approaches can best affect student achievement.

      Paige served on the National Assessment Governing Board on Technological  Literacy Steering Committee, defining the new framework for the 2012 NAEP  Technology Literacy assessment. She served on the ISTE advisory group for development of the NETs standards, which provides a global standard  for ICT literacy. As the former Chair of the P21, Paige led a coalition that  emerged as the leading advocacy organization focused on infusing 21st century  skills into education.