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    Accurately Measuring in Science


      This is the second in my series of podcasts relating to helping teachers and students understand the nature of science and STEM. This episode focuses on “Accurate Measurement” based on experiences in my science classroom. This episode does not include much in the way of Engineering. Mention is made of how to incorporate Technology using the Electronic Balance Scale. The goal of this podcast is to help students accurately measure and continue to enjoy science.

      Measurement tools reviewed include:

      • Electronic Balance Scale
      • Graduated Cylinder
      • Metric Ruler


      The episode also includes how the conversion site Convert-me can be used in the math and science classroom.

      Episode #2 is available now available online or via YouTube. I look forward to comments about how others use the Convert-me site. I also hope to hear about other measuring tools that students are challenged to use.


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          Glen - thanks for sharing - I think it would be interesting for community members to share resources that they use to teach measurement in the classroom.


          Designing Effective Projects has a Unit Plan - Metric Madness that is about understanding metrics, measurement and conversions. So community - what other resources, are you using to teach measurement in the classroom

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