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    Flip Cameras in the classroom

      While facilitating an iMovie and Movie Maker training, I learned that the company that makes the Flip Camera is going out of business.  The reason is that the company feels the technology is a dead end technology and has no application anywhere else. 


      A couple of questions.  First, do you use the Flip Camera in your classroom and if so, how?   Second, if this is actually happening and the prices come WAY DOWN, would you be willing to invest for your school?


      Any thoughts?



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          We have about 10 flip cameras in our school and they are always in use.  I am sad to hear that the company is going under - I will have to investigate the implications further.  These cameras are nice because they are incredibly easy to use, no download cable to lose, and the software automatically installs on any machine that you insert it into.  I didn't think I would like using them at first, but I like them because they are easy for the kids to use as well as teachers.  Yes, we are going to buy more!

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            Hi Neil:

            I am a regional facilitator and offer a Flip cam mini-lab for teachers to check out after they've completed our training. These get checked out pretty much all of the time. The Flip is an excellent tool for use the classroom, but I won't go into all of their uses since that has been well documetned elsewhere.


            I do want to point out that even though Cisco is killing Flip there are other similar devices like the Vado, Bloggie, and varied Kodak models. I imagine a lot of people will start picking up the Flips as long as they are available, but there are these other alternatives currently also available. Don't give up ice cream because there is no Boudreaux and Thibedeaux's brand left!

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              I use a FLIP camera in my classroom regularly. I enjoy putting it into my student's hands. They document labs (sharing the video with students who have missed class.) Students also use the FLIP make videos to demonstrate understanding of concepts. I had two resource students use the FLIP camera to show different states of matter in my classroom. I was impressed they shot a video of bubbles rising in the aquarium to demonstrate "gases."


              I hope the FLIP cameras are sold at rock bottom pricing. I, however, may not be able to purchase any due to my district's end of year purchase policy. If possible, I would buy 20 of these cameras for each group of two students to use.


              Is there anyone with bonus money that wants to purchase them for me???

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                I use Flip cams to document our work in the classroom.  I would by more at close out prices.  The kids love to play with them and create ??? silly videos. My only problem is that sometimes I had trouble at times with the software, but other than that, we have used them successfully. 

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                  Neil, I was saddened to hear this as well.  We have approximately 40 of these in our 3rd through 5th grade school.  Each classroom has one checked out to them and we have about 15 available for other projects.  They stay checked out. 


                  Many times students are placed in groups of 3 to 4 for projects and they document their learning with these flip cameras.  The videos are often uploaded to animoto, prezi, movie maker, voicethread or a class wiki to share their learning with others.  Many of our teachers create 2 to 3 minute videos on certain skills for students to view as often as needed.  Our music teacher records short segments of dances for students to practice at home. 


                  The beauty of these video cameras is that you can easily connect them to any computer to edit and/or upload. I don't know that I would invest in more of these at this time.  Who would we contact if we needed a replacement?  Some have come back to us really beat up. Fortunately, out of 40, we have had only one to be discarded.   These are pretty tough little cameras.