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    Intel Teach LIVE - April 2011 - 21st Century Projects Turned Up a Notch




      Link to the archived webinar


      April 2011's webinar asked you to turn your edtech projects up another notch.   Are you creating and implementing 21st Century projects? Do you have a teaching and learning style that promotes higher level thinking in your students?  We would love to hear about it.
      Joining Vanessa and Dyane were two special guests Juan Orozco of Buda, TX, and Cindi May of Wichita, KS.  They shared some wonderful ideas of how they create and implement 21st Century projects with both students and teachers.


      Contribute how you have implemented projects in your school or district.  We are especially interested in links to your published projects along with a short description of the project itself and/or any tips you may have for others exploring PBL for the first time.


      21st Century Skills Addressed in this Webinar -
      Depending on how the project was directed any or all of these 21st Century Skills would be addressed
      Communication and Collaboration
      Creativity and Innovation
      Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
      Flexibility and Adaptability
      Information, Media and Technology Skills
      Initiative and Self-Direction
      Leadership and Responsibility
      Learning and Innovation Skills
      Productivity and Accountability
      Social and Cross-Cultural Skills


      ISTE Standards Addressed in this Webinar:


      All of the NETS T would be implemented in an exemplary 21st Century Project
      1. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity
      2. Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments
      3. Model Digital-Age Work and Learning
      4. Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility
      5. Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership


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          Greetings from Wichita, Kansas! I am Cindi May and extremely excited to be making a guest appearance  on the "21st Century Projects Turned Up A Notch" webinar, hosted by Dyane and Vanessa. Before I became a Technology Integration Specialist for the Valley Center School District (just north of Wichita), I was a Middle School Computer Apps teacher for a small district west of Wichita. While there, I participated in several global projects, specifically, one entitled, "Being Green".  Come join us on Tuesday, April 26, to learn how an Intel Teach Program inspired two small towns on the opposite sides of the globe to connect their students through a cross-cultural, enviornmental research project.

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            Howdy from Austin Texas! My name is Juan Orozco and I’m very excited to share a project I started this year called the “Creative Expressions Project”. The project was designed to help teachers develop more motivating, engaging and deeper instructional strategies through the incorporation of Flip video cameras, iPod nanos, digital cameras, and web 2.0 tools, so that students can achieve at higher levels.

            Teacher public service announcement videos will be shared, and some cool web 2.0 tools so come check us out Tuesday, April 26, to learn more.



            Juan Orozco

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              Just a reminder....come join us at tonight's webinar with Dyane and Vanessa.  The topic "21st Century Projects Turned Up a Notch" at 7:00p CST. 


              See you on the web, tonight!

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                Dyane, Vanessa, and all,


                What a wonderful session tonight (as always!) I am always drawn to the projects that students work on because they inspire me! Dyane, you shared your project with Nigeria and I would love to know more. I work on a project through an organization called h2Empower focused on improving literacy in Africa. Our first project has taken 4 years but we are just about to the end of the first phase, which was to build a community library. With help from the community and many friends, donations of books and money were made to get the structure built. Now we are working on ideas on what goes in the building to make it sustainable. We've trained over 500 teachers in how to teach reading and writing. Now it's time to create materials. I love the ideas you shared about your 8th graders laminating brochures. I was inspired as you were speaking and was talking to my daughter about creating a club at school to do just that! I'd love to talk to you and your partners about your experiences. Please check out our website when you get a chance. Anyone who is inspired to work through the project with us is more than welcome. Dyane, I'd welcome the opportunity to collaborate with your students too. I'm sure there are many ways we can collaborate to save duplicated efforts and reach more people/


                Screen shot 2011-04-26 at 9.13.13 PM.png


                Thank you again to all of you for your dedication and inspiration. I'm proud to know you alls.



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                  I attended the webinar tonight and it was great.  Awesome project and resources shared.  I have been a Tech facilitator for my region for the last four years.  I will be returning to teaching in the fall and have been inspired to develop a collaborative project that will get students across our parish to collaborate as well as teachers.  I feel that I would like to see more communication between schools across the district and state.  I also have particpated in some Global Projects- State projects with Quilts, data collection for science.  The project I hope to design will include Skype as well email .  I'm thinking it will be something that will involve science, literature, and data collection.  Any ideas....

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                      There is a global project called Climate Quilt Campaign that may interest you. More information can be found here: http://climatequilt.org/  Each child involved in the project creates a square pledging something that they will do to protect the environment. It's part of a larger project called Habitat Heroes that helps children learn about the environment and topics like natural disasters, endangered animals, etc. The curriculum in Habitat Heroes is geared mostly towards grades 2-5 but can be adapted to serve a variety of environmental literacy topics. The site is free and includes games and activities. If you do get involved they are also very helpful in sharing documents, teacher materials etc. to ensure your climate quilt project is a success. It can be as small or as large as you want it to be! It's exciting to be able to work with the same group of students every day and see the impact that you make. Good luck in the Fall! Reach out if you want to connect to teachers in NY.



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                      Great ideas and examples of 21st Century Projects. What are some other examples and ways you have enriched your classroom instruction? Share those ideas and examples with us.  We have extended the drawing for this thread because we need a minimum of 10 participants to respond and engage in this discussion for the drawing to be held.  Unfortunately, for legal  reasons, we can only ship prizes within the U.S., but the contents of  this discussion are applicable to every Intel Teach educator worldwide, so please help us build a solid set of tips and resources for everyone.   We look forward to your contributions.


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                        Now that many of us have been involved in summer workshops and trainings, are there any units or project ideas that are really impressing you?


                        I had a recent participant who came up with a 2nd grade data project idea. She is hoping to partner with two other similar age classrooms for the project.


                        For the entire month of January, all students would collect data on weather condition, temperature, and what time of day the data was collected.  This information would be housed on a wiki where the students could track weather trends over time.  Along with the data collection, flipcams would be used to create video postcards explaining the weather in each location.  The teacher's hope is to find one classroom along the equator and another one in a drastically cold climate such as Alaska.  This way all students could compare and contrast the weather temperatures with geographic locations. 


                        I have to say I was super proud of this participant as she had never heard of a wiki before coming up with this idea, and now she's really delving in to make this an exciting learning experience for everyone.