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    Just joining!

      Hi!  I'm just joining the group, and very excited to be involved and learn from everyone here!  I founded iCreate to Educate to bridge hands-on learning with multimedia where students express their ideas in making their own stop-motion videos.  Our tool and associated efforts are based on research out of Tufts Unversity, and we are continuously interested in getting user-feedback (we offer a free version of the tool) so we can better support our users through an online community!  Excited to learn from others here!

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          Welcome Melissa!


          We are pleased to have you join us here in the Intel Engage Community.  Hope you are able to find some wonderful resources and many people to increase your PLN.

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            Melissa, welcome to the community.  You will find it to be very friendly and everyone loves to share.


            I went to your web site and was very impressed with what I saw.  What a great tool for students.  As I listened to the students talk about their projects I was struck by the large vocabulary they were using.  Is this a charter school?  What is the social-economic status of most of the students?  Are the students picked for the school? 


            I look forward to seeing more of what your students are creating.  Thanks for joining us!