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    Going Global: Preparing Students to Be Citizens of the World

      View the Webinar Recording:  May 2011 Going Global:Preparing Studetns to be Citizens of the World


      With the advent of collaborative technologies, it is easier than ever to connect with classrooms around the world and it is essential that our students develop global competence. In this session, education consultant Lucy Gray discussed global education initiatives, strategies for finding partner classrooms and specific tools that will allow you to bring the world to your school. She also shared the Global Education Conference, a virtual event dedicated to bringing educators together to share their work and establish connections for developing global projects.


      Meet the Presenter

      Lucy GrayLucy is currently an independent education consultant, working with a variety of institutions on 21st century learning initiatives.  She has previously served  in various capacities related to educational technology at the University of Chicago's Laboratory Schools, Urban Education Institute and Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education.


      In 2007, Lucy founded the Global Education Collaborative, a network for educators interested in project-based learning.  Lucy has also expanded on this work by co-founding the Global Education Conference which debuted in 2010.


      In addition to global education,  Lucy's many  professional interests include mobile learning, digital equity, information literacy, and the incorporation of social media technologies into educational settings. For further information, visit her web site at http://lucygrayconsulting.com



      The attached file is a PDF of Lucy's presentation from May 31, 2011.