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    Once Upon a 21st Century Classroom:Project Based Approaches



      Once Upon a Training....in a cyberspace not so far away the Intel Teach Elements Courses were born. They were new young online courses who needed to spread their digital resources to teachers all across the globe.  They were created to inspire, enrich and give educators the opportunity to boldly go where no educator has gone before. But... they were missing certain ELEMENTS that would make their world complete. For example, they didn’t have a Facilitator Professional Learning Community (FPLC)  who could network ideas and tips to help the Elements Courses reach their full potential of providing deeper exploration of 21st century  learning concepts.


      Currently, there are 3 Elements courses living in the Kingdom of 21st Century Classroom Cyberspace (Project Based Approaches, Collaboration in the  Digital Classroom, and Assessments in 21st Century Classrooms), with others joining them soon. Each course has a special magical power to enhance classrooms and professional development environments, but each needs a round-table discussion to explore the benefits of this anytime,  anywhere learning kingdom.


      Queen 21st Century has summoned two of her loyal subjects, The Dynamic Duo, to help expand the digital resources of these short online courses...however, our heroines need your assistance, as well. They need you to share ideas and resources to help each course reach its highest  potential.

      The Dynamic Duo has decided to focus on one Element course at a time. Their first quest will be to explore the online-world of Project Based Approaches.  What resources, ideas, and strategies do you have to enrich the integration and implementation of PBA? Include the module number that  your ideas, resources and strategies would best fit.


      Share and participate in making PBA be all that it can be.

      All noble subjects willing to share ideas will be granted entry into a royal  drawing for a piece of the 21st Century’s treasure - a Kindle!  Yes, with this treasured device you can read many fairy tale adventures across 21st Century Classroom Cyberspace.


      Share your thoughts between May 8 and July 18th  to have your name entered  into a drawing for the Kindle. The drawing will end on July 18, but this  thread will remain active after the incentive period.  It’s a wonderful  opportunity for all of us to better facilitate the Elements courses.


      Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we can only ship prizes within the U.S.,but the contents of this discussion are applicable to every Intel Teach educator  worldwide, so please help build a solid set of tips and resources for everyone. We look forward to your contributions.



      Note: The incentivised discussion period has concluded. A drawing was held and the winner was notified.