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    On the Set and Behind the Scenes


      No successful training would ever be complete without a backstage presence, and we all know that Intel Education Customer Report Team are top notch. Let's give these folks kudos by posting stories or tips on how the support team made your training successful.


      Not familiar with our customer support team?  No worries, share the stories or tips of the those who make your trainings work effectively. We all need people!

        • On the Set and Behind the Scenes

          Dyane, I cannot say enough about the GREAT support we get from the Intel Education Customer Report Team.  I have been facilitating trainings and had a problem occur, contacted them and literally within an hour had the problem fixed.  They are fast, accurate and just a great group of people.  I won't say what it was, but they had in their position something that I was looking for and they were willing to give up.  I got a GREAT GIFT from them.  They're family!



          • Re: On the Set and Behind the Scenes

            I had some issues awhile ago with registering some of my courses with some of the changes in systems that Intel was using and the support team was there for every step. They sent me emails to help resolve the issue, they called me to help problem solve, they followed up afterwards to make sure it was still working and I wasn't having any difficulties. They are truly amazing and never leave you hanging on anything!!!

            We had some login issues during a training a couple years back and we called them during the training and they took care of it right away. I have used them a lot and they are always there, pleasant, and make sure things get taken care of, you're the BEST - thank you.