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    how useful is intel course

      should we conduct this course during the holidays?

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          Ghazala, I don't know how it is where you are, but unless there is some VERY special reason, I would never do a training over a major holiday.  Is this a very special holiday were you are?



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            Bonnie Feather

            Hello, Ghazala Maroof!  Welcome to the community! 


            Neil asks a good question about the significance of the holiday you mention.  I suspect you mean the holiday is the time when school is out.  You wonder if the Intel course is useful?


            There are two major Intel course initiatives.  One is the Intel Teach (c) Essentials Course and the other is Intel Teach(c) Thinking with Technology.  I believe there is a contact person in your country who could discuss scheduling a course for you and assist you with choosing which course to offer.


            I belive that both of the courses are quite useful to teachers.  You  may wish to look at some discussions in some of the other "Groups" from Pakistan.  I'm sorry I am not familiar with any of them, or whether they would be suitable for you, but you would be able to request membership in them and see for yourself if they are of interest. 


            I will ask one of the supervisors whom to contact regarding courses in Pakistan.  Check your private messages to learn more.


            And, while you're here, I invite you to participate in this discussion group.  I believe another colleague from Pakistan may add a photo soon.  It is wonderful and interesting to us here to learn about education in other areas of the world!  We hear about various events in Pakistan, but many of us don't know much about how the education system functions where you are.


            Thank you for participating!



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                I think by referring to holiday, Ghazala does indeed means when school is out, it is time for summer holidays in Pakistan for the schools, and that is usually the time most of the schools focus on professional development of their teaching staff, I think Ghazala is one of the participant of the training in Karachi, I am a Senior Trainer from Pakistan I will certainly ask ST based in Karachi to help Ghazala.


                Thanks Bonnie!

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                It is very useful indeed if well communicated.

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                    I also participated the Intel Teach course during summer holidays. I had to travel from a far off village to attend the course, but I found it much useful. Anyhow, holidays may be more important to somebody and less to somebody else. As for me, I would have deprived of a milestone in my service, if I had not participated this course. Our trainer was a devoted and hardworking lady, Rubina Jahangir. She worked several hours every day (for 5 days) made us learn as much as we couldn't have learnt in a month otherwise. The result was that almost every one of us returned with a treasure of 21st century teaching skills and a determination to apply them.

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                    I had been trained by Miss Bazgha. I know all the tit bits of this programm. I wished all of us would have learnt. Difference is of the trainer.