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      hello teachers


      how are you  kindly send your discussion or ideas about Recent educational system in Pakistan?.

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          Bonnie Feather

          Ms. Naureen-


          I must admit that I do not know much about the educational system in Pakistan.  I hope you will let us know more.  There is another thread in the Community where others are sharing photos of their classroom environments.  They are also telling us more about the education system in their region.  I hope you will go to this discussion as well and tell us more about education in Pakistan.


          We hear biased news reports about your country, but reports from real educators would be so much better!

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            Well Naureen,


            I must mention here that in Pakistan we need a uniform educational system for every stratum of society as in Pakistan there are three mediums of education. The medium of state run institutions is Urdu. In state run institutions even computer is being taught in Urdu. In private institutions the medium is always English while in remote areas where state or private institutions are nonexistent Religious madrases are somehow educating masses. Another branch of education in Pakistan is Technical Education which is empowering illiterate /Sami-literate with skill. Technical education is also offering degree courses in various streams on Grade11-12 including architecture, engineering etc.  

            Technology integration is another aspect which is lacking in the education system in Pakistan. Teachers are less enthusiastic in utilizing technological gadgets in their class room practices. Teachers remain busy in finishing prescribed syllabus in the whole academic year leaving not much room to develop critical thinking among students.

            I think a teacher should try to make his/her student self-directed by providing them result oriented technology integrated education with the prescribed context. In this regard utilization of 21st century skills can fraught new confidence among students and only a teacher can motivate a student to go beyond bookish knowledge to attain life time learning experience. I know our students have great potential but just they need it to be polished with new teaching skills. In this regard Intel is doing a great job by introducing technology integrated/ research oriented pedagogy practices to mitigate the existing gaps in the education system of Pakistan.

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                Sadia, thank you for educating us about how the education system is set up in Pakistan.  Here in the United States we also have areas that are not served as well as others, and yet, where teachers in those parts of the US are using Project Based Learning, the students are learning.  Where you live shouldn't make a difference, the structure of the teaching is the key. 


                Thank you for sharing.



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                                  The existing education delivery system is not meeting the needs and aspirations of the society as such particularly, it is a challenge to the provinces and districts for the 21st century. Moreover, prior to devolution, the policy and planning have been undertaken by the central and provincial governments without taking into account the ground realities and without the participation of community.

                              The main objectives of the devolution plan is to empower the community at the grassroots level in planning, management, resource mobilization and utilization, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the education system to improve the service delivery at that level. The main inherent issues of education systems are: teachers absenteeism, high drop out rates particularly at primary level, high repetition rates, low completion rates, inequalities by gender, location and social groups, low literacy rate and unsatisfactory performance of schools.

                O.K. Allah Hafiz.