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    District website suggestions requested...

    Bonnie Feather

      My school district is re-creating its website.  We have a professional creating it as a part of the County's website overhaul and upgrade.  I believe we can have anything on it we want.    I am a part of the team which will decide what should be included and how it should best function.  You- everyone here in my Engage Community- are my best source of information, so I am asking you to suggest what should be included, and possibly share links to those features exemplified in your own websites or others you have visited.  We need to serve the teachers, students, parents, and entire County since we are a County accomodation school district.  Our population in 2007 was around 130,000 and our land area is 18,661 square miles (48,300 km2)- our county is larger than 9 of the States in the U.S.!


      I'm looking for several types of information:


      1. What specific information, documents, or links should be included?
      2. What types of functionality should we have built in?
      3. What should we avoid? We know the CIPA rules...but there are many pitfalls...


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      I look forward to seeing your ideas!  Thank you for helping out!



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          Bonnie - how exciting!  Many school sites need a fresh start and they don't always get that.


          Just to be clear you are not looking for a pre-built system- just features for consideration - correct?


          My son's high school is still in the process of finishing their overhaul and the school used a pre-fab system called SchoolFusion features that this site has that I love are

          • you can subscribe to a teacher's page- and when they do an update you are notified
          • I can view and access my son's grade
          • The calendar feature is for all events that I belong to - so it is easy to see everything that is going on
          • Parent groups can have a page - such as the PTSO or Site Council and because of the ease of the editor- anyone can do it.
          • Announcements can be emailed to all "followers" and users can choose to receive updated - immediately or in a digest
          • Students can use site as a way to share work between computers

          Good luck and have fun -let us know when your final product is done so we can check it out.

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              Bonnie Feather

              Exactly!  We don't need a pre-built system, and it will be fancier than things available through self-made sites.  The entire County government structure is re-vamping, and we get to tag along with them.


              I do like Content Management systems like SchoolFusion, but at this point, we will not be using such a system.  We have been assured that teachers will be able to manage their own content, however. 


              Keep the ideas coming, folks!  We're going for a classy site!  We'd like to benefit from the experience of many others!



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              I would suggest identifying what skills and/or resources would be needed at specific grades or content areas. I have seen many district websites that are overwhelming for teachers and students. Sometimes "less is more" when the resources provided are appropriate for the audience. For example, providing 20 links as student resources for Science Fairs, may really need only three or four links. My district just rolled out a new website (which is still under construction.) I find it quick and easy to identify what resources and links are helpful for teachers, students, or parents.


              May I suggest you look at how your district can implement social networking for communication. I hope more districts recognize the value of networking and implement it within their policies. Personally I think social networking can provide a huge value in education.