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    Intel Teach Elements: Project-Based Approaches


      Stefanie Hausman conducted an overview of Intel® Teach Elements: Project-Based Approaches . The overview will included a breakdown of content by module, strategies for getting the most out of the course, the process for requesting facilitation materials, and how to get support for Elements in the Teachers Engage Community.

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          I have a question for all.


          I have a teacher that was taught to only team students up as high level with high level.  How would one go about suggesting that she team students up diversely?  This teacher is an outstanding teacher and has grouped diversely before,  so I think that she just needs to be encouraged in that area.


             "Grouping high kids with low kids is not a proven effect on how higher achieving kids will learn. You need to group students of same ability with same abitility. This is where I would disagree with the class. I have taken many GT classes and all that I have taken have stated that you should not group GT or high achieving students with low achieving students. While the lower students will learn from them, the high achievers will not grow in thier learning if grouped with lower level students."


          Does anyone have some good references that I could share with her? I just would like for her to again see the bigger real world picture.


          Thanks for your help.