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    Attending ISTE?  What's on your to do list?


      I'm putting together my tentative conference to do list and was curious to know what the community members are hoping to see/do.  What do you have down as a must see?

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          One thing I will certainly attend is the model lesson on Monday morning at 8:30 that features Glen Westbroek and myself!!


          Another thing I look forward to is the poster sessions, they seem to get better and better every year and have lots of great resources.


          I will stop by the Intel Booth to hear what is the latest with Intel Teach.


          I am also looking forward to a lunch break at that the Reading Terminal station.  I'll have a cheesteak sandwich! (The one with cheese whiz and grilled onions, of course.)


          Also, on Sunday evening I am attending the (ISTE) 2011 Outstanding Leader program to watch Dr. Monica Beglau, Executive Director of the eMINTS National Center receive her award!

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              If you want a cheesesteak, the Reading Market is ok but the really good ones are at 9th and Passyunk!  Pick the side of the street you want - Pat's or Geno's

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                  I don't know... most native Philadelphians will tell you that those are the places for the tourists.  I'm not sure I'd go there -- especially with a big conference in town!  I've been hanging out on the Chowhound Philadelphia board for a while now and the debate about cheesesteaks there is non-stop.  The concensus of best cheesesteaks in the city is basically:


                  Steve's Prince of Steak

                  John’s Roast Pork

                  Tony Luke’s


                  Steve's and Chink's are both really far from City Center.  John's Roast Pork and Tony Luke's are much closer. George's is not too far from Pat's and Geno's.


                  Honestly, though, nowadays you can get a cheesesteak all over the country.  For a real classic Philadelphia sandwich (the one locals eat), try a roast pork sandwich with broccoli rabe and provolone. DeNic's and John's Roast Pork are said to be the best.


                  Wherever you go, I hope you enjoy it!

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                      I am a native Philadelphian.

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                          My apologies for assuming otherwise. In any event, opinions certainly vary and there must be a reason for Pat's and Geno's popularity. Wherever anyone eats, I'm sure it will be delicious.

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                            Hi Carol,

                            As a native, what do you recommend for the 'must-see's (in our limited free time ; )


                            Looking forward to seeing your hometown!


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                                1. The top of city hall gives you and amazing view of the city and some history on the way up in the elevator.  It's only a few blocks from the Convention Center.  2. Another close place not always on the maps is Friend's Meeting house on Race Street.  It provides a quiet respite from the city noise and hubbub while providing a perspective on the founders of the Pennsylvanis colony.  

                                3. City Tavern is a culinary museum just down the street from Independence Hall.  It's a great place to eat and absorb some colonial ambience.  (SIGIVC has a fixed price dinner there on Monday, June 27.  Let me know if you need more info.)

                                4. Benjamin Franklin Parkway - Love to start at the fountain in front of the Museum of Natural History and walk or drive out to the Art Museum.  If you have time, the Art Museum and the Rodin are marvelous.  If you don't have too much time, the front and back steps of the Art Museum give you some lovely panoramic views of the City.

                                5. Elfreth's Alley - has been continuously occupied as a residential street since the start of the colony.

                                6. If you want a lot of history and have an hour, I have found the carriage rides to be a good way to learn a lot and comfortable.  All carriage drivers are tour guides that are taught to share the history of the buildings on their route.  Some of them are pretty interesting (good showmanship)  but all are well versed in the history.

                                7. You know the regular spots - Independence Hall, Constitution Center, Betsy Ross House, Customs house, etc.  I always love to revisit them with new people. 

                                8.  I love Kelly Drive out past BoatHouse Row and then up along  Wissahickon Drive but that takes a car and nerves of steel during rush hour.

                                9.  I hear the Camden Aquarium is good and it is across the Delaware River by ferry so that can be fun.

                                10. Reading Market - lots of folks like to go there for the food.  Lots of fresh produce from the local farms.  There are also Amish sales booths which is the closest that most people get to the Amish unless you have time to trek out to Lancaster County.


                                I could go on and on.....but there are my top ten.  Thanks for giving me the chance to go down Memory Lane.  Anyone want a guided tour of Doylestown (birthplace of James Michener and hometown of Pearl Buck) - will be going there on Saturday, June 25 by train.  Tagalongs welcome.

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                          Doug - I look forward to seeing you at ISTE! I agree with you on the Poster Sessions, I always learn a lot from them.

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                            Congratulations to Dr. Monica Beglau!

                            The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE®) has named Bijal Damani, a higher secondary teacher with The Galaxy Education System in Rajkot, Gujarat, India, and Monica Beglau, executive director eMINTS National Center with the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, 2011 Outstanding Teacher and 2011 Outstanding Leader awards, respectively.


                            The Outstanding Teacher and Outstanding Leader awards recognize and honor individuals who have demonstrably improved education through the use of technology.


                            Beglau was nominated by the Cooperating School Districts of Greater St. Louis for “her vision, leadership, and ability to adapt and thrive in ever-changing conditions.”  Beglau “provides professional development that helps educators to integrate technology and effective instructional strategies in way that engage students.” Beglau was also cited for her strong vision for the eMINTS program as well as her dedication and ability to collaborate, ensuring continuous improvement and program success.



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                              Outside of the conference, I enjoyed eating at the City Tavern, the same "tavern" that was referenced by Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.  I liked shopping in China town and I also enjoyed running up the steps at the Art Museum and striking that famous "Rocky" pose at the top!!

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                              Hi Dyane, looking forward to seeing you!

                              Here are a few suggestions:


                              For those here who aren't attending, the next-best thing to being there:

                              • Watch a Live Stream (thanks Theresa and Naomi!) – schedule is in the attached

                              • Check back here, Teachers Engage, to see what attendees are sharing about their experiences at ISTE.

                              • Order your free Intel Teach Elements CDs and if you plan to facilitate a course, register at http://teachonline.intel.com/elements to order more than 3 CDs and/or a nice “Facilitation kit” for Leadership or Collaboration. (Intel Teach Elements:Thinking Critically with Data will be launching at ISTE 2011 - look for it on our Web site soon after.)


                              If you are attending:

                              Come see us at Booth #1625 - pick up your thank you gift and visit with a few Intel Teach Senior Trainers

                              • Attend a short theater session (Flip Camera given away every theater session) – schedule is in the attached

                              • Share your thoughts in our Podcast booth and of course here in Teachers Engage (tag your contributions ISTE2011)


                              Sessions we highly recommend are in the attached



                              Looking forward to seeing all of you who are there!

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                                I am looking forward to attending John Medina's opening keynote. His book Brain Rules is terrific.


                                The exhibit hall is always interesting.  Of course it will be fun to help out at the Intel booth.  I'm more excited about seeing friends and chatting with colleagues than all the individual workshops and sessions.  But those are usually good too!


                                I still have to decide which receptions to attend, plus find a few nice places for lunch/dinner. Looking for those "can't miss" eateries. When I am in Philadelphia I usually try to get lunch at the Reading Terminal Market at least once or twice, but considering there will be 15,000 people at the convention center across the street I'd bet the lines will be REALLY long!  Still, maybe in the off hours...

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                                    I'll be there and am looking forward to a BYOL session on Gigapan!  Have been fascinated by the project ever since I saw the gigapan photo of the Inaugural in 2009 and the clarity of the photo when you zoomed into the crowd and could actually see individuals.  Am looking forward to learning more about it.  Just to toot my own horn...if you have time on Tuesday afternoon, I'm on a panel about mobile apps and then have a concurrent session on mobile video conferencing.  If you can join in, please stay and introduce yourself at the end of the session(s).