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    Community home page is having issues


      If you made it this far, then you noticed our home page crashed. All parts of community are working fine, we just lost the home page. You can still navigate through the top tabs and do anything you would normally do in community. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. The page should be back up soon.

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          Oh, I thought it was just being updated as I see the new ISTE 2011 box.

          Not seeing the entire homepage is not a big problem for us regulars, but it sure does not look welcoming to those who visit to register.


          Thanks for the notice, Theresa.



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            I thought you were trying the "White text on a white background" style. I could not figure out why it was impossible to highlight the words and navigate over the highlighted text.


            Way to try and fool us!


            (At least this was not as bad as having the DISTRICT's grading server crash two days before the end of our school year! That's right folks, any changes made during a 10 hour period were lost and grades reverted to previous versions. Many students went from passing down to failing grades. The entire system did not come back online until four days later. Plans are being made to prevent this from happening again in the future ! If you could control this server, would you have crashed it on purpose on that day? Be honest!)