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    Tech Conferences geared for classroom teachers

      Can anyone give a list of the top tech conferences that are not designated for tech directors or administrators but are designed for classroom teachers? 

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          TCEA in Texas is mostly for classroom teachers.  In fact, there is one whole pre-conference day dedicated to classroom teachers sharing their stories of tech integration.  The organization is holding another conference this year specifically designed for K-5 classroom teachers, too.  www.tcea.org

          I can also vouch for the state conferences in Pennsylvania and Maryland.  Most of the sessions are geared toward integrating technology into the classroom and are most often presented by classroom teachers.


          My concern over the past few years is that subject area teachers tend to go to subject-centric conferences which don't always have models of good tech integration.  While they could benefit from the information at a tech conference, they most likely won't attend.  I think we need to promote more technology supporting learning sessions at a broader range of conferences.  What do you think?  How do we get a better blend to reach more classroom teachers with information and skills they can use?