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    Organization vs Chaos in a 21st Century Digital World


      stressed-out-women.jpgDo you feel stressed out by the amount of "work" on your to-do list?  Does it appear as soon as you check off an item on your list, three more tasks are added? How do you find balance in this 21st century digital world between your job, your family, and the technology push to find a healthy organization vs unsettling chaos?


      Well I have a few solutions for you.  No, I am not an infomercial trying to sell you a quick fix, but will provide you a resource/tool list to organize your life, schedule and all the demands of the the digital information world coming at you at one time.


      Vanessa Jones and I are taking an online course together to improve our online facilitator presence with offering the Elements coursework online or for blended learning. Yes, this online course takes an additional 3-5 hours a week of my time, and the the stress of keeping up with my job, family and all the extras are bogging me down at times, so I needed to "reorganize" my game plan this last month to find a healthier balance for ME. Hope these web 2.0  tools can assist your efforts as well to stay organized and on top of your game.  Please share additional tools that are not listed that will help simplify your digital world to find a healthy and productive balance.



      Virtual post-its:

      Coarkboard.me: http://corkboard.me/simple

      Linoit: http://en.linoit.com/

      Popplet: http://popplet.com/

      Spaaze: http://www.spaaze.com/

      Stickyscreen: http://www.stickyscreen.org/

      Wallwisher: http://www.wallwisher.com/


      Virutual Checklists:

      Printable To Do List: http://www.printabletodolist.com/

      Remember the Milk: http://www.rememberthemilk.com/

      Todoist: http://todoist.com/

      Toodledo: http://www.toodledo.com/

      Wippe List: http://www.wipeelist.com/tour/