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    ISTE 2011 attendees: invitation for foodies


      This is an invitation to any of the foodies who are attending ISTE 2011. I am putting together a grand feast at Amada Restaurant with the centerpiece being a whole roast suckling pig. I've attached a menu for those who are curious. The meal I am referring to is the Cochinillo Asado. I currently have room at the table for three to join my party, but if I get more interested I can increase the reservation.  However the pig needs to be ordered in advance, so I need to know by Wednesday, June 22.

      The reservation is for Tuesday, June 28 at 8:15 pm.


      Amada Restaurant is a Spanish-inspired restaurant with a vast selection of tapas and of course a full menu. The suckling pig is an event for any pork lover. Adventurous eaters will appreciate it the most, but there will be plenty of simple cuts of meat. Others at the table will be enjoying snout, ears, cheek, tail, and lots of crispy skin.


      This is not budget dining.  The meal is $38 per person, but I expect many of us to order a wide selection of small dishes to sample as well. And of course there are drinks, tax, and tip on top of it.


      If you would like to attend, please let me know here or by e-mail (dadams@altec.org). Please only commit to attending if you are serious about it. If we order a larger pig we'll have to pay for it if people don't show or change their minds about the menu. Of course, anyone is welcome to join even if they are not interested in the pig.  Just let me know in your e-mail.


      Similarly, I have tables reserved at some of Philadelphia's best restaurants on other days. Any adventurous foodie is welcome to join me at any of the following reservations.


      • Zahav 9:30pm on Saturday (If I could get 4 or more there, they do a full lamb shoulder meal that is supposedly awesome, but I doubt if I can so the tasting menu will do nicely)
      • Matyson for lunch at 12:30 pm on Wednesday (I'm having the prix fixe tasting menu offered weekdays)
      • Marc Vetri's Osteria at 8:00 pm on Wednesday night


      Doug Adams

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          Doug - although I won't be present at ISTE - I LOVE your enthusiasm for checking out local places to eat and explore and open the invitation to all.  I hope that you take pictures of your dining experience and share them! 


          best of luck and happy eating!

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            I like the idea of these restaurants. In your research did you find who serves "Best Philadelphia cheesesteak?" I think that could be a fun location to enjoy on Sunday evening if you have that information.


            I guess that makes you the Intel ISTE Concierge .

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                The best cheesesteak in Philly is one of the most hotly debated topics on the Philadelphia food boards that I've been reading.  I kind of put my foot in my mouth in another thread when I said that no real Philly native would eat at Pat's or Geno's, the two best known cheesesteaks joints. A member of these forums from Philadelphia said that she liked them. I felt bad for disparaging her tastes, but I must defend my comments by saying that every food blog I've read says that they are over-promoted tourist places with mediocre cheesesteaks.  However they are fairly close to the convention center and they have the advantage of being the best known. It's like eating deep dish at Gino's in Chicago. Locals will have better suggestions but the experience is part of the package.


                This thread at Chowhound from 2009 has a discussion of the best cheesesteaks, as well as links to at least 12 other discussions (I said it was hotly debated).  There have been many others since then as well.  The consensus seems to be that the best cheesesteaks are at:


                1. Steve's Prince of Steaks
                2. Chink's
                3. George's
                4. Tony Luke’s
                5. John’s Roast Pork


                This is another good discussion thread with reviews of the top places. Not all of those are in Center City, though, so location may trump taste.


                HOWEVER, the biggest argument is not which cheesesteak place is the best.  It is *IF* a cheesesteak is even the best sandwich to represent Philadelphia. The argument goes that nowadays you can get a decent cheesesteak at any city in the country. The REAL Philly sandwich is a roast pork, usually served with provolone and broccoli rabe (aka rapini). The best place for those near the convention center is at the Reading Terminal Market, at a restaurant named DiNic's.


                So there you go.  For cheesesteaks, feel free to head over to Pat's or Geno's at 9th and Passayunk. I think I'll try something different.

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                    I'm glad to see Doug did this research! Reading Terminal was a fun spot for me to eat at when I visited Philadelphia for a National Science Teachers Association convention. If we end up eating at Reading Terminal I gotta have at least ONE "Apple Dumpling!" I've enjoyed apple pies and the like for years ... the Philadelphia Apple Dumplings are AWESOME!


                    In fact, I'd rather eat the Apple Dumpling than anything else for a dinner. (Just my two cents worth!)


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                        From the picture and description, I think you must be referring to the restaurant in the Terminal Market called "Dutch Eating Place".  It is Amish food and as you noted the Apple Dumplings are amazing (and less than $3!). It is always packed and can be a bit uncomfortable sitting at the counter enjoying your food while a line of people are waiting for you to be done -- not the spot for a leisurely breakfast! Carry-out is definitely the way to go for the dumpling.  I plan to get their heavenly blueberry pancakes, probably on Thursday morning after most people have left and before I head to the airport.


                        I can't wait.