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    AHA Moments on Student Assessment!


      I just finished facilitating an Essentials Course.  I believe teachers are still surprised at the importance of on-going assessment in the learning process.


      What "aha moments" can you share about the use of formative and summative assessments in project based learning?


      • What is the purpose of an assessment?
      • What changes occur in the classroom when on-going assessment strategies are applied?
      • What are your favorite types of assessments?
      • What do you do with the results?


      Please share your aha moments in this discussion.

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          Linda, I too just finished an Essentials training and the biggest AHA moment for my group was the whole concept of formative assessment throughout a unit. Many used it somewhat, but as we had that discussion, they begin to see how it was more effective to imbed it into the unit.  The Assessment Timeline really brought that home.



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            I delivered a TWT training last semester at a nearby school and used the assessment timeline development as a major selling point to the administration.


            The formative and summative assessment development, the actual assessment timeline in the unit plan, and the online assessment library was a big hit for the teachers and for me!!


            We all enjoyed listening to and talking about the assessments that we were including in the unit plans.


            Generally, the teachers were creating formative assessments to assist the students and teamwork during the project and summative to assess student final products.


            Very powerful and exciting!!


            Some of my favorite summatives:


            • checklists to keep students on track with complex projects
            • team-created checklists to help teams accomplish goals
            • teamwork self-assessments to make sure that everyone is productive
            • teacher and team leader interviews and checkpoint meetings
            • teacher-created informal observation sheets to help decide what challenges students/teams are facing during the unit