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    re: using Seeing Reason tool in Elementary Music Class


      Elementary Music Teachers,


      I need some ideas for a music teacher trying to use the Seeing Reason Tool.  How have you used it in your classroom?

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          Cindimay, you didn't say what grade level, but I did  one with my 6th graders on music careers.


          Project Name-Considerations for a career in music.


          Describe your project-So you think you want a career in music? Where do you start?  What kinds of jobs are available? As you start to think about these questions, consider the best options for you and show how one career consideration can impact another. In the pre-populated map, your responsibility is to create cause and affect relationships between the factors.  You may add new factors as necessary.


          Prompt-Do you have what it takes for a career in music?  (Even if you decide not to have a career in music, this exercise will be a good way to help you determine a career you might like.)


          Student login link:  https://educate.intel.com/workspace/student/loginpage.aspx?LID=en


          Teacher ID:  neilm

          Student ID:  music01

          Password:  music01


          Don't know if this is what you needed or not, but hope it helps some.