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    ISTE Inspirations - Share Your New Found Knowledge




      ISTE is definitely a wonderful opportunity to discover new resources, build networks, find collaborative partners, and be inspired to try out new ideas. The goal of this discussion is for ALL community members that are attending the conference to share your new knowledge with the Engage Community. If you attend any virtual sessions you can share those as well.

      For each post your name will be entered into a drawing for a brand new tool that is starting to gain interest, a Bamboo Drawing Tablet .  Many classrooms are considering “Flipping”  and a tool like this is a great resource to help out.  A Bamboo can also be used as a tool for drawing digital artwork.  Such a fantastic tool!

      Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we can only ship prizes within the  U.S., but the contents of this discussion are applicable to every Intel Teach educator worldwide, so please help build a solid set of resources for everyone.  We look forward to your contributions.