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    Media Influence on New Tools


      As I watched "Iron Man" the movie this evening I realized that much of the technology that I was viewing on the screen was probably something that was already in process of being developed. I know there are robot soliders. I know there is touch screen technology. There was one scene in particular that I was drawn to. It showed a unique, customized keyboard that appeared on screen when Tony, the main character, waved his hand over a silver area. I would say that holographic keyboards are probably a precursor to what I see onscreen.


      And although I wasn't able to locate the keyboard, I was able to locate The Surface by Microsoft which also appears onscreen: http://www.microsoft.com/surface/en/us/default.aspx


      My question to the group is, what kind of technology have you been intrigued by in a movie that has not been "invented yet" and what do you think it's precursor might be? Insert a picture or video if you can!

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          Ok so I'm thinking that maybe I didn't give an example to explain the activity in this discussion forum so I've included one below. What types of technology have you seen (in person or in movies) that are so outrageous they don't seem real? Here's one site http://oblong.com/ with a video about how touch screen technology has evolved. I can see so many applications of it - think Virtual Reality - Move the movie control to 1:18 on the timeline to see what collaboration might/will look like in the next century


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            Althought I could think of futurestic technology it is the movies/books  that I had a hard time naming but I know that the following have been in several movies/books and they are close to happening in the way they were protrayed.

            • cars that can drive themselves -like the prius and lexus that can park themselves?
            • robots - the technology and where we have come with that - I think of the robot from the television series lost in space - and what that is now done with robots


            Anyhow I think that movies allow people to dream and think about things they want to help make thier lives easier and what better way to make those ideas come to life then to share them in a movie or in a book. 


            I did find an article - How Hollywood has predicted the future that gives better connections than my controbutions and as for new ideas of what might be interesting to watch for in the future I check out the winners of various contest like Toshiba's ExploraVistion


            I wonder what will be the next big change.

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                The cars that drive themselves are amazing! Recently someone came to my door collecting signatures and after a short conversation I learned that his son had worked on a project where he and his team actually engineered a car that did indeed drive by iteself - amazing! Here's an ABC news clip!


                The Driverless Car


                I wonder sometimes if we aren't missing an opportunity with children to help them imagine the future. I think children who are naturally drawn to Science are aware of some advances but I really feel like exposure to all these innovations that are happening is what holds most of our children from dreaming of stem related careers. I'm currently working on an initiative to collect Stem resources in a database to help local areas stay connected with innovation but there is so much more we can do.


                You mentioned the ToshibaExploravision experience. I know the Google and Intel Science Fairs are motivating and good ways to get children involved in dreaming of the future as well. You mention TV and books, other ways that media has had an impact on our lives.


                I wonder...(and this question is for all)


                What events were you exposed to as a child that left you dreaming of the future?

                Were there real life events? What did they make you think of and why?

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                    Blanca, here is a link to an article that a friend of mine sent me.  http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2011-06/miot-dsd063011.php   In my mind, we really need to give our students the opportunity to "play".  Sometimes it seems we are stifling the natural creativity and curiosity that children possess.


                    To answer your question, growing up in the 50's, it seems as if nothing was going on, but when we launched our first rocket into space, things really took off. For me, the space race was what made it real.



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                        Neil, now that I've had a chance to digest your article - yes, it does seem like sometimes we stifle the natural curiousity for chidren to "play" - and learn. Part of that may be that the institutions that most children learn in are very formal places; with little time and opportunity for children to think outside the box, play and dream. But part of that may also be that our schools' connections to informal learning places - museums, libraries and other community based institutions - are limited. Take technology out of the picture and there still isn't any reason informal learning cannot take place with a day trip to the local library, park or business.


                        I recognize that people learn differently and add that people think differently also. As a bilingual speaker I notice that sometimes I word my questions as I structure them in my head, and not as they make the most sense, so...here's a different question I want to ask you about media influence on the world of tomorrow, You mentioned that the space race was one event that got you excited about possibilities because it was "real".


                        Do you believe there are real events happening anywhere in the world today that are inspiring children to dream of the future? What are they?

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                        Here's the TED talk about the driverless car



                        I'm thinking WE need one of these. Forget a car that just parks itself ... let's just go Driverless .

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                      Hello Blanca Duarte,


                      First of all, thanks to you to share G-speak video, such technology transforms the way you work, create, and collaborate. I have seen the similar video from one of the fomous genious Indian named by Pravin Mistry... He represented himself in the TED with the innovation of Sixth Sence..... One more thing, there are plenty  of English movies which shows unseen face of the world with technology so I am not giving the names but delivering this video instead...



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                          Hello Kamlesh Joshi,


                          Thank you for sharing your wonderful video! I was indeed drawn to it because of it's connection of the human experience INTO the digital world. So often I see the opposite happening - taking what is human and translating it into the digital. My favorite has to be where a person is able to connect their fingers into a rectangle and take a picture that can thenbe edited on wall or piece of paper. It is truly mesmorizing to watch this video.


                          Thank you for sharing the name of such a special person. Pranav Mistry speaks so passionately about providing this technology at a cost so that it is accessible to all. He mentions wanting to release the code - making his code open source - and making it available to everyone. Price is so often the key differentiator between the have and have nots.


                          May I ask, in the parts of the world in which you work and live, where do you think technology like this would have the most impact on quality of life?

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                              Blanca Duarte


                              Hi Blanca Duarte,


                              I am from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. http://maps.google.co.in/maps?q=map&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wl


                              I am working as State Trainer for Intel Teach Program...


                              "Where do you think technology like this would have the most impact on quality of life?"


                              Sorry but I am newbie for the such world. I have not seen the way you people use and utilize the technolgy in the classroom and outside...

                              Here, in Gujarat, Computer is only the tool which is useful for the learning and teaching nothing more extended than it...


                              Since I have joined Intel Teach Program, I have majorly focused on the Internet part where they can learn to create, collaborate and innovate...


                              I can share you the blogs where the learning imact on the teacher you can see but the way Pravin Mistry has used the teachnology can be unseen future to utilize into the classroom for Gujarat People...


                              I hope you will also like the post given in the following link... I have shared a very good child centered video. Please watch it carefully and comment whatever you think about that video.......




                              Thanks a lot....

                              Kamlesh Joshi

                              My Training Blogs:



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                                  Dear Kamlesh Joshi ,


                                  Thank you for sharing that wonderful video and post. It is a beautiful movie about the will to live and about hope.


                                  As I work with children, I see the biggest impact on their "self" when they communicate with others. They use technology to create and share work, and this empowers them. It gives them a voice. As your video shows, children can use YouTube to make an impact on the world. Does sharing video from students a concern in your schools? Here in the U.S. many schools still prohibit children sharing their work on YouTube but children go home and upload their videos on their own anyway.


                                  My best guess to where the next shift in learning will be has to do with mobile and virtual reality. Although we already have virtual reality technology, I would love to have the ability to immerse children in different cultures and different places. For me, the power of putting yourself in someone else's life can teach empathy, and I believe this can make a difference in achieving world peace.


                                  There is some of that immersiveness embedded in video games. I don't know the impact of video games in areas around the world but I know that here in the U.S. we have many children who are somewhat addicted to them if you believe the different studies on how children use media. Do you see video games and media as a threat to education?

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                                      Dear Blanc Duarte,


                                      I have started working on some of the Mleanring padagogies which will help me to develop the blended learning classroom...

                                      So you can also use such mobile based learnig things which will help you to create impact in your classroom...


                                      http://www.magmito.com/    This site will help you to create very usefull application without having the knowledge of development of app and you can create educational app for free from here....


                                      About video games, I would say, it depends which video games students play?


                                      Like I suggest my students to play games like 'Robinson Crusoe....etc...


                                      Such games enhance the learning and create the wonderful adventure for the students in blended learning environment...


                                      I would like to know the sources, websites and tools that you are aware of that help me to involve students in learning with ease environment...


                                      Thanks a lot...


                                      Kamlesh Joshi

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                                Blanca, as a Star Trek fan, we now have computers you can talk to and they will type as you speak and even read for you.  Another area I would love to see is the ability to "transport" from one place to another.  "Beam me up Scotty" would take on a whole new meaning.  And finally, as Captain Picard asks the replicator for "tea, earl gray, hot".......no more trips to the grocery!



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                                    Neil, I like where you are going with this. The last sentence "tea,earl gray, hot" conjures up images of The Jetsons for me! Innovation is all around us. You mention the software that will type as you speak words - have you seen Google's Transliteration website that translates words into symbols from other countries? The translation is very good according to some families I've worked with who speak Hindi and Russian. Here is the link in case you'd like to try! Google Transliteration Labs


                                    It is amazing where we are headed! Where do you think the next best shift is coming from if we keep inventing technologies to get our imagination going?

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                                    Phil Plait has a blog for Discover Magazine called Bad Astronomy. Here is a link to a page on his site about science in the movies. I know this does not directly address the topic, but it does relate to how media (such as movies) can influence scientific thinking.


                                    Phil Plait at the Movies

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                                        Eric, thank you for sharing the website. Phil Plait does a wonderful job of listing "Bad Movies" from which he can teach "good astronomy".


                                        Having also grown up in the era of "Lost in Space", "Star Trek" and "Space 1999", as a child, I lived in amazement of all the possibilties the 2000s had to offer. Alas, the 2000s were a bit of a disappointment for a kid that was looking forward to not having to memorize answers for tests. I thought for sure that we would have a brain chip that would give us "answers" to facts - at least we have search engines!


                                        I think as far as answering the question, yes, something along the lines of the list on the website you shared is what I was looking for. While far from complete (as the author himself states), the list of movies are a glimpse of the future and the "what might be and can be". I remember Total Recall and the Matrix as movies where virtual reality was the main impetus of the action and wonder why our own scientific communities haven't made more headway. Maybe it's the expense, but perhaps it's also the lack of need. Necessity is the mother of invention as is said. I suppose the human race, at least those in the developed countries, haven't thoroughly made up their minds about what is needed in this world besides money.


                                        That being said. what movies or tv shows have you seen lately that offer a glimpse into a real and foreseeable future?

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                                            You mention many of the same shows I grew up on, my favorite being the Star Trek series.

                                            In Star Trek the Next Generation an ongoing theme is whether or not Data is a living being. In my science class we discuss living vs. non-living and just what makes something living anyway (I use some clips with Data as part of the discussion).


                                            With the great advances in technology/robotics/computing/neural nets/stem cells/genetics, etc. it may be more a question of 'when' than 'if' scientists can create life from machine (or other non-living templates).


                                            The Terminator movies also address this, noting the time and data that machines became "self-aware."

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                                                I love how you incorporate pop culture into your lessons. Some movies do indeed have a way of making us think about larger concepts that aren't an issue in real life. Sometimes these topics do bring up tangential issues like the stem cell or the genetic debates which our children will most likely have to deal with in their lifetime. I think the more we expose children to these issues early on, the greater the chance that when they are put into the position of making a decision, they have the ability to make a good one based on their own knowledge and ability to think. Thank you for sharing how you use media to engage students in deep thinking. I imagine your students love when you do.