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      I've started using this site and now it's one of my new best friends... so, I thought I would share!


      It's http://edu.symbaloo.com


      It's a site to organize your sites! Very visual and works well with interactive white boards. The registration is free and you do not have to put up with any advertisements! I have it as my homepage now!


      My teachers are really enjoying it because they are creating webmixes (that's what one of the tabs is called) and making them the home pages on student computers. They only put links to the sites they want their students to use and since it is so visual kindergarten students find it simple. There are endless uses for utilizing the site.


      Please share your thoughts and ideas about how you like/dislike and ideas for using it in the classroom/school.

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          Janet, thanks for sharing this site.  I've just added it to my Web 2.0 training.  One of the things I struggled with when I was in the classroom was having the links available in one place for the kids to access.  I did it by "shooting" the links to the desktops of the computers, but the kids could delete those.  This site certainly solves a lot of those problems. 



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              That is one of the cool things about this site... unless someone stops recieving updates from a webmix, they cannot change it. I am now using it for my trainings. I create a webmix for a specific training, share it with the participants and if I see that I want to add more to it, they get the updates too! My teachers love it!


              I just have to remember to click "update webmix" after I add something.


              Another thing I do is place a link to a Google doc that I want to use for collaboration during a workshop. I'm conducting an Essentials class right now and I have a webmix just for that class that includes links to the wiki, blog, and documents I am using during the training. The participants really like having all of that in one place and all they have to do is click on it.



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                  I have been using Symbaloo for about 2 years. I have found it to be a great help when conducting workshops in my district.

              The teachers just love the fact, we can have all our important bookmarks on any computer at any time. It has provided me with

              many special moments while training.