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    How should assessment be done inside 21st century classroom ?

      Please share your ideas regarding the follownig.


      1. Why should children be assessed?
      2. What should be assessed?
      3. When should assessment be done?
      4. How should assessment be done?
      5. How can assessment information be used?
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          There are 45 viewers but no one reply. Please share your ideas even in  a single line

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                   Bergin G in my opinion if there is no check and balance then how children 'll motivate . They show better result when we assess them during learning or after learning process . You share your asessment strategies, your student sample assessment, and your student sample, with your pair and share group. The feed back you receive may help you improve your sample and your assessment strategies.

                   In student- centered classrooms, students are not always under the direc supervision of a teacher. To successfully manage their own learning , students need to be self directed learning. This 21st century skill is critical for success in school, life and work.Students who understand the ways in which they learn are more adept at using appropriate strategiesto complete tasks successfully and independetly.During this you explore a number of ways to use formative assessment to help all students.


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              Bergin,  Our students live in a world with constant feedback loops, hopefully we can provide that same level of feedback in the classroom to help them learn. Answers to your questions about assessment can be found in the Elements Course Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms http://www.intel.com/about/corporateresponsibility/education/programs/elements.htm Perhaps you've already gone thought this material and are just asking for personal views, but the Elements course is a "gem".

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                    Thank you for your reply sir. You are correctly point out my question. I already gone thought this material and are now I am asking for personal views. I want to know what happens in different class rooms around the world. For that only I asked that question. Assessment is on of the main aspect in education. Sharing about assessment with the teachers around the world helps me a lot in my classroom. Thank you for your suggestion.

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                  There are many methods of organizing assessment.

                  1. Individual assessment (by the teacher)

                  2. Group assessment

                  3. Self assessment (by the student)

                  4. Peer assessment



                                    In countries like India, more emphasis is given only for the individual assessment. The other three assessments are almost not happening in schools. Please share your experience regarding this in your country.

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                      Same here in Pakistan , children's assessment is done mainly on individual basis. What I do in my class room is that the children are assessed by oral Quiz, constant questioning in the class, discussions, group work and general monthly assessments, mid year examinations which are written based and prepatory send up exams for prescribed boards.

                      I personally feel that assessments should be short, based  on one or two topics and students should be mainly assessed through whole timelag of class i.e throughout the session individually and collectively and it will benefit those students who are not so strong in any respect but............... the educational system in our country does not support this. It is just jumble and cluster of written work to be done which is obviously an important part to deal with . We can only be systematic through that part where we prepare our students with sincere dedication. Can this problem be solved? any suggestons??????? 

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                          Thank you Saima for your kind reply. From your reply i understood that assessment in Pakistan also like India. Both of them gave more emphasis on writing what they learnt. This type of assessment encourages memorization. Higher order thinking will not be developed. Also creativity of the children can not be assessed. Even when we are asked to write their own words, he just memorized and write in the examination. In India some private schools do some assessment by conducting project, seminar, peer group assessment, etc. My question do you try any assessment other than written examination in your class room.

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                        One of my favorite assessment methods is to use creativity and art.  This year, my students utilized sketch books for reflection of the unit and essential questions from our project.  Sketch books are similar to learning logs or journals, except they include elements of art.


                        Basically, they are hand made books. On the inside cover, I created a checklist of art mediums (chalk, watercolor, markers, etc).  Each day after reading our novel, the students were asked to reflect on the unit or essential question of the day, write a paragraph or two answering the question, then create an original artwork to symbolize their answer.  It was  tremendous!  I've attached some photos to see an example.

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                            Thank you Dyane for sharing your idea with photos. From your answer I understood that you are handling primary section (grade 1 to 5). If you have the photo of your sketch book please share that. Then you said after reading the novel, the students are asked to reflection the unit. Here also the question asked towards the children at the end of the unit is to reflect the unit. But answer is the reflection of the teacher. Yes, the answer for that question is given by the teacher. All the children are takedown the answer. They memorize and write for the exam.  Student’s creativity could not able to develop in such a learning environment. Parents’ are expecting their children to get good marks only. So, children here are prepared to get high marks in the examination. For that they use the technique learn- memorize- write on the paper.

                                            You said in your class you are asking to reflect on the unit or essential question of the day. My questions are

                            1. Do they reflect their own?
                            2. Are you giving marks to the reflection?
                            3. How will you assess them? (mark / grade / scales etc..)
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                                Hi Bergin,


                                I should tell you that my students are 8th graders (ages 13-14) in an language arts course.  These sketchbooks are used as learning logs as we progress through a novel.


                                1. Do they reflect their own? - Yes, they do reflection in two ways.  (1) answering the daily open ended question that is tied with the reading for the day.  For example, we were reading The Diary of Anne Frank and one of the writing prompts was, "How does hope of a better tomorrow impact your actions of today?"  The students each wrote a paragraph answering the question and then created the artwork to provide a visual with the writing.  (2) At the end of the novel, the students analyzed their sketchbook art and writings to answer, "What are the life long lessons that you will take away from this literature?" 
                                2. Are you giving marks to the reflection? - Yes, the students are given daily points for each entry of the sketchbook. Since it was the first time I had used this form of assessment, I simply took points, but this next year, I will have a rubric for each entry so the students will have a better understanding of what I expect.

                                3. How will you assess them? (mark / grade / scales etc..)  This year, I'm planning on using the scoring guide that I've attached to this post. 


                                Hope that helps.



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                              I think the most important thing in Louisiana is teaching the children how to get along, accept responsibility for their role within a group, and learn how to think for themselves.  I work in a very low-income area, and many parents are absent; children live in foster homes or with their grandparents, and there is a great deal of crime, drugs and gangs in this area.  So the skills children see in the home do not prepare them for normal society, and to break the cycle of poverty.


                              I use a lot of rubrics which grade group projects (everyone has to have a role such as leader, recorder, time manager, etc.) and the rubric also has room for individual work.  We spend a great deal of time on listening skills, making decisions (critical thinking) and  learning how to type and use the computers.  The hardest thing is to teach the students to be quiet; they come from an environment of total chaos (very noisy) and must learn how to be quiet and not talk all of the time (this takes months).


                              So my assessments are usually small and informal throughout the project (Q & A, Exit Slip feedback, pop quiz, typing test, check in lists) and the project will be the final grade.  However, my school too pushes constant computerized testing.  Many of my students don't do well on these test so the ones that fail I spend time with covering the test for a week or so and let them retest (the state allows the to retest up to 3 times).  It's such a time-wasting game, but one I try to get around.


                              Project Examples: create a student newspaper, Wiki, blog (glogster), write and direct a play, research family history with ancestry.com and create a family tree, and I use tons of the Dinah Zike foldables (which the students love and you can turn them into anything from a book to a picture frame/storybook).  Good luck to us all!

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                                  Thank you Kimberly.

                                      I am happy that you are using so many assessment tools. But you said your school also doing computerized testing. Test and repeated test will not develop creative thinking. You said students are coming to your school are from poor family. But how can we give projects like student news paper, wiki, blog, glogster, etc. I don’t know about the number of computers in your class room.

                                       In our state almost every government schools have two or three computers. But the primary and middle schools have no internet connection. So, in our state it is difficult to give projects like you said. There are many constrains. Do you have any constrains like this in your country? How will you overcome these kinds of difficulties?

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                                      Even in the poorest schools there are at least a dozen working computers in the library.  And we schedule library time as needed (I go twice a week to get my projects done).  If the Internet connection isn't strong, I download what I need at home on my own laptop, put it on a flashdrive, and bring templates, etc. to school computers and upload.


                                      Some of our teachers are afraid to use computers, but I worked in private industry for many years and am very comfortable.  Additionally, each teacher receives a computer and laptop for their room to bring technology into the classroom (SmartBoard) and record student grades.


                                      I don't believe in computerized testing for proper assessment.  Many of our students are uncomfortable with these tests.  So writing prompts are also graded, but I grade on many other things too.  For instance, they can use graphic organizers to do their newspaper interviews - grade.  Then you grade the layout (free downloadable templates found at Microsoft Office Templates). You grade role within group to get project done (you can create rubrics at rubricstar.com), you can grade for proper English and spelling,  And also grade for artwork included in paper (they can create their own column, etc.


                                      I also assess through foldables.  Have you ever heard of Dinah Zikes?  You can make books, timelines, games, anything.  And these items can be graded.  If you have computer access, check out my bookmark page to get some assessment ideas.





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                                    I think assessment be done inside 21st century classroom to assess Skills, Performance, and social skills.and not to assess the academic achievement only. Must be an assessment of the performance and not for the signs