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    The ideal classroom-what does it look like (Technology wise)

      I have been asked by several teachers over the past several months, "If we had the money, what technology would you suggest we buy"?  Now, while I realize that no two classrooms are alike and you need different tools for different things, what would you want in YOUR classroom if money was not a problem?  What hardware would you like?  What online tools would your students need to learn to use? 


      When answering, please identify what subject you teach or what grade level.


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          My name is Eric Roth and I teach fourth-grade math and science. Ideally, we would have a very fast internet connection with six new desktop computers ( I would prefer Mac but my school is Windows) and six iPads (along with essential apps). I would like two digital microcopes, two stereoscope microscopes, five digital sensors (measuring temp, pressure, sound, speed, etc), as-needed access to a mobile cart of laptops, six headsets, really good speakers for the computers and the ipads, six digital cameras, and one digital video camera. All this along with an innovation station (cart with document camera, PC, mics, wireless keyboard and mouse, and ceiling-mounted projector). That's a start anyway.


          Oh ya, if the money could buy time I'd get that, too.

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            We are living in the ever changing world of technology where new prospects are emerging every moment. But here in Pakistan we are living a bit back ward than the rest of the globe regarding technology integration into classrooms. But now our students are getting chances for a better access to technology in education. By integrating technology into the learning process, a teacher can give students the means to learn at their own pace, interact with each other, and provide them with a window to the world of knowledge in and beyond the classroom.


            Well, if I would have no money problem my dream classroom would be fully equipped with technology gadgets for students (a technology Heaven). I want my students to have the entire world at their fingertips; a world they can interact with remotely, not just in words, but in moving pictures and sounds because Educators of today must prepare students with 21st century skills to work in an ever-changing digital world.

            I would have Computers for my class room to develop inquiry based internet research among students, Interactive whiteboard & pen display,ipad, digital cameras, class wiki and blog, and software like EdCanvas to enhance comprehension among students.

            By the way I am teaching English Language combined with Communication Skills to Grade-12 at a Technical College in Pakistan and I am using wiki with my class. I always tried to provide a window to world of knowledge beyond the just prescribed curriculum with in my resources.



            Sadia Syed

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                Well, if we are going to dream, dream BIG. Each student would be assigned their own lap top or tablet. All would have a wireless mouse (I am not a fan of wires) and assigned their own headphones. All students would be able to have an email (for sharing, learning, and communication). White board that allows 2 people to use it at a time. 15 different types of cameras, so pairs could work together and learn about different equipment. A movie camera, not just for class but to assist with morning announcements. All books would be on line so that students did not have to carry them around. Those backpacks can get very heavy. We would have a fast internet service and some spare equipment when things go wrong. Wireless so we could have class outside if we wanted or anywhere else in the building. Memeo (I think that is what it is called) a modern over head. That is all I can think of at this moment. I teach 6th grade math. For the last 6 years I taught science, if I was still there I could come up with a great deal more technology.