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    A unique kind of students

      Hello every one!

      I have to know something through this community...

      A kind od students I encountered during my job, to whom niether we can call dull, nor brillient, as they are intelligent and dull at the same time! They concentrate fully towards their studies, undrstand quickly and well, do not forget learned lesson, do not make meschieves, do not querrel. At the other hand, they are so much forgetfull that they forget their belongings every where. They can foget their books in the school, they can forget their pencil in the way, even one of them forgot her scarf somewhere!

      I have to know that what term is used by education psychologists for such children? What specific methods of instruction are appropriate for them? Can they be made normal, enough to be clever, somewhat naughty, active...? If yes, how?

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          Muhammad, that is an interesting question.  The first thing I would ask is how old is this student?  This is fairly typical child behavior for some.  The next thing I would ask, is there something at school this student really loves doing?  If so, have you considered this students participation being tied to bringing their books to school or simply following classroom rules?  If the students are taught that being able to participate in activities they really like doing are tied to simply following the rules and being responsible, then, for the most part, students will do what is necessary and expected. 


          Let me share an example of this.  Several years ago, I had a student who spent more time with me during his recess than outside with his friends.  One day he said to me, "You mean all I have to do is be good in class and participate, then I can go to recess"?  After explaining to him that was correct, he never spent another recess with me. 


          I'm guessing this is a good academic student who needs to learn that there are rules that need to be followed in order to be able to do other things.  This is a simple answer, but maybe something worth trying.  Keep us informed as I would like to know how this turns out.



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              thanks Neil.

              i think now i have to tell some thing in more detail. actually i, myself was such kind of student, when i was in school. (some how still i am so). could you believe that once, i was going some where and i was told by my elder brother not to foget my muffler there. and lo! i really forgot it  even being warned about it. i always topped my class till matriculation, but at the last day of my school, i lost two precious pens in the way.

              later when i became a teacher in a primary school, i came across 3 such children. they all belonged to same family. Abid Mahmood was in 5th grade, Sobia Mahmood was in 2nd, and Tahir Mahmood was in 1st. they reminded me of my own childhood. they were all toppers of their respective classes, but were absent minded. never in studies, but in other matters. Tahir forgot his shoes in scool one day, and was informed about that after he has coverd a distance of 20 yards towards home.

              we cant say their memory was weak, as two of them memorized the Holy Quran in quite a little age and very short duration then average. they undestood the lesson quickly.

              I just wanted to know that is there some special strategy/technique to improve their all round cleverness, without harmin their best performance in studies? have someone else seen/experienced such children? why is it contrast between their studies (best) and all other activities (worst)?

              I am also thankful to Eric for citing a link for memory improvement. I got a lot of help for myself, although it did not satisfy me regarding my question.

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              I don't know your students, but I do know that it is typical for students of all ages (and adults) to be absent-minded or forgetful. For some, it could be just a lack of concern (other things are more important) on the one-hand or mutli-tasking on the other hand (doing different things at the same time). There are some concrete things to do to help with absent-mindedness/forgetfullness. Here are some tips at one memory website: http://www.memory-improvement-tips.com/forgetfulness.html



              Here is a link to a brief wikipedia article that has some other links that may be useful: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absent-mindedness


              I'm fairly absent-minded. I try not to multitask and I ask my students to help me remember things I need to do (such as take attendance before 10:00). Also, I try to place things in their proper places so I don't have to waste time searching for them.

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                You can not call him duffer. Brilliant students are mentally occupied. Their mind may be occupied enough to remember any thing else. Ithink so that they may consult a psycartist.