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    Web site for math teachers K-12

      Math Pickle is a fabulous site for mathematics inspiration that I learned about from a blog I subscribe to.  Mathhttp://www.mathpickle.com/Pickle features mathematics videos for students in kindergarten through  twelfth grade.  The videos feature real students engaging in inspiring math problems and puzzles.  The videos often speak to unsolved math problems throughout history that students work to solve.  In the  unsolved problem, students must use developmental level appropriate math to work out the problem. Mathhttp://www.mathpickle.com/Pickle is the brain child of Dr. Gordon Hamilton who wants to abolish  elementary mathematics as a subject and push the idea that problem  solving is at the very heart of mathematics. The videos featured on Mathhttp://www.mathpickle.com/Pickle do just that, put your students in a mathpickle”.   If you think about the purpose of mathematics, this makes perfect  sense.  What we really want is students who are great problem solvers  and can use mathematics to help solve those problems.