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    Curiosity in the classroom: seeking to answer some of life’s greatest questions


      Have you seen the Curiosity series, Sunday nights on Discovery? With topics like intelligence, space exploration, physical anthropology...each episode explores a a single enduring question in science, technology, and society. http://curiosity.discovery.com/group/curiosity/about


      This Sunday's episode is the "World's Dirtiest Man": from the flora of our guts to the fauna on our skin and hair, this episode explores the wildlife park that is the human body in stunning, microscopic detail...

      For your classroom:

      CuriosityintheClassroom.com is an interactive, science-based educational tool that brings concepts from the Curiosity series to life with cutting-edge curriculum examining such topics as artificial intelligence, communications, computers, nanotechnology and robotics. The site provides in-class and at-home resources to encourage insightful conversation between educators, students and families.

      This presentation showcases some of the features of the site:

      - Free standards-aligned lesson plans and videos for 6th – 12th grade students
      - Inspiring career videos and stimulating quizzes to grow interest in STEM
      - Webinar series exploring some of life’s most captivating questions


      If you try any of the lessons, would love to hear what you think!

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          Interesting and wonderful! I have bookmarked CuriosityintheClassroom.com for easy access.

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            The "Teachers" tab is where you'll find lesson plans and videos,

            and while you're there be sure to enter the contest:

            Discovery Education and Intel are giving away a family vacation for four to a destination of your choice:

            • Space Camp
            • Yellowstone National Park
            • Grand Canyon
            • Washington, DC


            Submit your information here to be entered to win: http://curiosityintheclassroom.com/sweepstakes/

            • This Saturday (OCT 22nd): free virtual pd event from Discovery

              Discovery's Education Network conference is this weekend (sorry for the short notice!) - and their focus is on Digital Storytelling.

              You can attend from the comfort of your own home, here's the schedule of events:

              Saturday, October 22, 2011 — 9 AM to 3 PM Eastern Time

              The Discovery Educator Network (DEN) Fall Virtual Conference is a free professional development event for educators to learn about the most effective ways to integrate digital media into their instructional practices.

              9:00-9:50The Monster Mash-UpIn this session I'll share some creative ways to 'Do the Mash' DEN Style. We'll combine Discovery Education and Web2.0 applications to create a Monster Mash-Up that will surely bring out the entertainer in all of us!Traci Blazosky, DEN Guru
              10:00-10:50No Tricks, Just TreatsReeses, Kit Kat, Hershey Bars...
              Rolo, Peppermint Patties, Mars...
              Come satisfy your sweet 'tech' tooth. I'll be sharing out the goodies in my bag during this session on hardware, iDevice apps, and online apps.  All treats, NO tricks!
              Nancy Sharoff, DEN Guru
              11:00-11:50Digital Storytelling: Get it Write!Take advantage of the free tools that come with every computer along with the American Film Institute's seven years of research, field testing, and curriculum development to integrate visual storytelling into your core curriculum. Use the manual and video clips available from AFI's "Lights, Camera, Education!" program available on Discovery Education streaming to help students apply the writing process to memorable video production.Joe Brennan
              12:00-12:50The Colllective BrainLeverage the power of community and learn effective ways to engage and inspire your students. During this session we will explore the ten latest, greatest and most effective resources and strategies shared by teachers of the Discovery Educator Network.  You'll leave the session with a ton of new ideas, tools and resources to start using tomorrow in your classroom.Lance Rougeux
              1:00-1:50Playing with MediaWe need to play with media to become more effective communicators. As children, we learn to progressively make sense of our confusing world through play. The same dynamics apply to us as adults communicating with new and different media forms. As you learn to play with digital text, images, audio and video, you will communicate more creatively and flexibly with a wider variety of options. Author and educator Wesley Fryer will inspire and empower you, as a creative person, to expand your personal senses of digital literacy and digital agency as a multimedia communicator!Wes Fryer
              2:00-2:50Treat Yourself to a StoryWhat makes a good digital story?  We will discuss key components of a good digital story as well as learn about a couple tools for creating them. Dean Mantz, DEN Guru

























              Here's more info about the event: http://blog.discoveryeducation.com/blog/2011/10/14/why-you-should-attend-dens-fall-virtcon/


              Happy weekend to everyone!

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                  The Discovery Education events are awesome and I am not just saying that because I am the Discovery Ed Leadership Council events chairman for Louisiana. I attended an in-person event and had a great opportunity collaborating with teachers. I will give info on the sessions and include links later but I wanted to share with you my favorite bits of info that I will immediately implement. The first is Voki http://voki.com/. I have used voki but forgot how cool the characters can be. There is an neat alien one that I will create an intro to my Scholastic Book Fair sneak peek (yeah it is tomorrow). The scholastic theme for the book fair is out of this world so the alien is PERFECT. The second is Wes Fryer has a new book called Playing with Media: Simple Ideas for Powerful Sharing. He has a site http://playingwithmedia.com with info as well. I have already bought the e-book so look for some posts from me soon on this topic. The third is sound stickers for the livescribe pen http://www.livescribe.com/store/20070723002/sound-stickers/p-555.htm I have a pen so I am thinking I could use these on my book shelves in the library to have students record book descriptions and then other students could listen to individualized messages. The only bad thing is I only have one pen. These were my stick in my head moments and I will share more. Did anyone else attend and pick up any great ideas? Please share.