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    Hey Science Educators - do you have a lesson to share?


      Popular Science is looking for educators to share original ideas for Lesson Plans for grades 6-8 in five areas.  The areas are:

      • Biomimetic Design
      • Climate Change
      • Fuel Cells
      • Polymers
      • “Big Data” Analysis

      For more information and to share your ideas go to -


      Solve this InnoCentive Challenge and win. Award: $25,000 USD


      If you share your lesson please let us know so we can follow and see if your lesson is chosen.  In addition if you know of any other contests, or lesson updates please share with the community.

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          One of the aspects of this competition that I like best is the "limitations." Lesson plans need to cost $50.00 or less to implement and use readily available materials. It appears the focus of the challenge is to create engaging lessons that are inexpensive and easy to do no matter where someone teaches. I am excited to see there are five categories - which means five possible winners .


          I'm considering entering ... what suggestions do my fellow Intel Teach friends have for this competition entry?

          • Re: Hey Educators - are you looking for classroom funding?

            Okay- so this thread started out with the classroom science teacher having the ability to earn funds for sharing an original lesson plan. 


            Then I found out that Educators in Arizona can apply for a Qwest/Century Link Grant


            I did some more digging and found out from the National Site  that teachers in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming have similar grant opportunities in their states.  So if you are an educator in one of those states see what is available to you in your state. 


            Who else has a resource to share? 

            • Re: Professional development opportunity

              Did you know that golfer Phil Mickelson partners with ExxonMOBIL to put on a Teachers Academy to share ideas and stratigiges for teaching Math and Science?  Check out - http://www.sendmyteacher.com  on how a student can nominate a teacher or a Teacher can apply to attend the Academy in 2012. 


              Deadline is October 31, 2011. 


              If you apply let us know so we can watch and see if any of our community members are selected.