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    Free online PD on deeper learning

      P2PU is a peer learning community with free online courses on a variety of subjects. Recently, they started the School of Ed for K-12 teachers.


      In September, the following seven courses will be offered:


      • Differentiating Instruction
      • Student Engagement
      • OER in the K-12 Classroom
      • Using Web 2.0 and Social Media to Encourage Deeper Learning
      • Teaching in Blended and Online Classrooms
      • Multimedia and Graphics to Facilitate Deeper Learning
      • Writing & Common Core: Deeper Learning for All


      If you are interested in any of these courses, sign-up begins on Mon., Aug. 29. Enrollment is limited, but anyone can "follow" a course, and all the content is open licensed.


      I'd love to hear any suggestions you have for future courses.


      Also, how important is credit for courses like this to you? (We do not currently offer credit but are pursuing this.) If it is important, what kind of credit would you most like to see offered, e.g. CEUs from a university or something else?





      Karen Fasimpaur

      karen at k12opened dot com

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          I just reviewed a variety of your modules of content- I AM IMPRESSED.  Thanks for sharing.  We are also looking at new ways to introduce robust content to the educators that we work with on a daily basis.  I- personally am always trying to find ways to improve my delivery of blended and online learning during my presentation- and the mdoules you have presented are in consice and easy chunks- and this is easy to understand for teachers with a balance of visuals to offset heavy text.


          May I introduce your online content to my groups of educators in September during my "Flipped Teaching" workshops?  Elements/components of your content will compliment the Flipped Teahing modules/training segments I have created for our Middle School and High School Teachers.


          Our educators in the Midwest no longer can earn CEU's- it has to be credit and credit that is very cost effect.  In WIMNour lowest rate is $90 per graduate credit and from there we build in an instructor fee to recoup our online and face-to-face time for instruction.  Hope this helps.


          Thanks for sharing!


          Naomi Harm

          Natioanl Intel Senior Trainer

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              Thanks, Naomi! Yes, please spread the word about this and share in any way you can.


              Because all of this content is open-licensed under CC BY, you can even download it, remix it, use it in your own trainings, etc. Just attribute the source. (And we'd love to hear about any way you use this. We are all about sharing.)


              Thanks too for the info on credit. We are working to try to build more traditional credit into our innovative peer learning model. Not always easy, but we are persevering!

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              Hi Karen,

              What a fabulous resource your School of Ed will be. The seven new topics address vital issues for the staff at our school. I have been mentoring many of the teachers at my school and have struggled with creating really valuable PD for them.  School of Ed will be the perfect resource for us all.


              Liz Puller (Sunbury State School - Queensland)

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                Karen, I love what you are doing at P2PU.  I was in a meeting on Wednesday, and it was brought home to us that it is imperative that we equip our students and teachers to work with others from around the world.  Be it with social media, tweets, docs, etc, our students, teachers and boards of education NEED to understand that we have worldwide resources at our fingertips, if we will only ALLOW it.


                I am reminded of the Alvin Toffler quote "The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn" and how it applies to us in the here and now.  Are there plans to open P2PU to others around the world, or is this just a local endeavor?


                Thanks for sharing this great idea.



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                    Thanks, Neil, for the positive words. The pilot of the School of Ed is focused on U.S. teachers, but anyone can "follow" a course. (On P2PU, participants are those officially accepted into a class and can comment, post, edit, etc., but anyone can follow along with us by clicking the "follow" button.) After the pilot, we hope to expand and open this up worldwide.