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    Intel Teach Live - August 2011 - Just for the Educational Fun of It - Mobile Apps for the Upcoming School Year



      View the Recorded Webinar - August 30,2011 Intel Teach LIve


      This month's Intel Teach Live welcomes back educators Tuanua Swartz and Howard Martin as they share with you some of the best Educational Mobile Apps for the 2011-12 School Year.


      Do you believe there is a benefit to mobile mobile apps in education?  Share how you have implemented mobile apps and in your school or district.  We are especially interested in links to products created by mobile devices, classroom management and implementation ideas, and best practices for syncing applications across multiple devices. Also include any tips you may have for others exploring these tools.


      • What mobile devices are you using? Laptops? iPads? iPod Touches? eReaders?
      • What is the student to device ratio you feel offers the most success?
      • How are you using them?
      • What are some of the results you've seen from implementation?
      • Benefits you have seen for teachers and students?



      Share your ideas between August 28th and September 25th to be entered into a drawing for an Apple iTouch 4 with camera capability. The drawing will end on September 25th,  but this thread will remain active after the incentive period.  We do need a minimum of 10 participants must respond and engage in this discussion for the drawing to be held. 


      Unfortunately, for legal  reasons, we can only ship prizes within the U.S., but the contents of  this discussion are applicable to every Intel Teach educator worldwide, so please help us build a solid set of tips and resources for everyone.   We look forward to your contributions.
      The drawing was conducted and the prize was awarded.