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    Remembering 911 Student Virtual Conference - Archived Recordings


      Our conference has one mission - Share the message of the human spirit in the face of crisis.


      Each country and culture has faced times of loss, conflict, and fear, yet through it all we can come together to overcome tragic moments.  With our global student conference, we wanted to share the events of September 11th with a new generation of students and bring forward the opportunity to discuss how each of us can help be a better citizen for our own communities. 


      On Friday, September 09, 2011 six guest speakers shared their stories with classrooms all over the globe. View the archived recordings here:

      Bravery, Strength

      Michael Sean Weinstock, First Responder Firefighter
      Archived Video

      Opening Arms to Strangers - Small Town Garden City, Kansas Welcomes Grounded 747 Passengers

      Garden City, Kansas City Manager
      Matthew Allen
      Archived Recording

      Changes to the Skies

      American Airline Pilot Mr. Ramirez
      Archived Recording


      EMT responder Melinda McGowan
      Archived Recording

      Rebuilding Community

      Hon. Jon Kaiman
      North Hempstead Town Supervisor
      Archived Recording

      Mobilizing Community

      Dan Hardesty, Red Cross
      Archived Recording

      Surviving Tragedy

      Mr. and Mrs. Karlin
      Archived Recording


      Now we invite teachers and students all over the globe to share their own stories or create original products for our Inspiration Boards.

      Remembering 9/11 Virtual Inspiration Board


      Upon completion of the conference, classrooms are invited to share their own messages of Remembering 9/11 and the power of the human spirit. You choose the medium to publish your message (audio, video, artwork, photography, poetry, essay - the sky is the limit). Once your items are ready, email them to our online inspiration board 3175314.remember911@e.linoit.com or post directly on our Virtual Inspiration Board

      Teacher and Student Reflection Blogs


      K--4 Students Grades 5-12 - What thoughts do you have after hearing our presenters and their stories? What message do you hope to send to the rest of the world?


      Teachers - Were you teaching on September 11th? Where were you when you heard the news? How did you share the news with you students? Share your story with us.