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    Congratulations!  Intel Teach has reached 10 million Teachers





      Intel has announced that the Intel Teach Program has reached 10 million teachers trained throughout the world and to quote Shelley Shott "10 Million - a Priceless Investment in the Future" from her reflection on this accomplishment is truly priceless.



      I was in Shelley's first training class.  The summer of 1998.  If you told me then that this was going to change me I don't think that I would have believed you. The professional development that I had attended up until that point didn't do that.  They gave me ideas and a few strategies but wasn't anything that transformed me or my classroom.  I can honestly say that the journey has been amazing.  Not only did it transform my thinking and teaching with technology in the classroom it had major impacts on my students, the school where I taught and family.  I am a better teacher because of the technology and resources the program exposed me to.


      So visit the 10 Million Teachers site and see how other educators have shared how doors of opportunity were opened for them.  And if you are moved - click the link and share your story.