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    Smartpens in the Classroom






      With technology constantly changing,new integration methodologies and implementation strategies are constantly having to be adjusted. There are new ways to use technology and so much NEW technology to be learned.


      For example, I recently started learning and experimenting with the Echo and Pulse Smartpens from Livescribe. http://livescribe.com

      These Smartpens allow you to record everything you write and hear. There is a small little camera that allows video.


      Have you used a Smartpen in your classroom? Do you have classroom ideas or resources for using a Smartpens such as Livescribe Echo or Pulse pens?


      Share  your resources between September 9th and December 9th to be entered into a drawing for a 2 GB Pulse Pen and Notebook. The drawing will end on December 9th, but this thread  will remain  active after the incentive period. There will be a drawing in October, November and December. A minimum of 10 participants must  respond and engage in this discussion for the drawing to be held.   Unfortunately, for legal  reasons, we can only ship prizes within the  U.S., but the contents of  this discussion are applicable to every Intel  Teach educator worldwide, so please help us build a solid set of tips  and resources for everyone.   We look forward to your contributions.






      September-October- This month's winner is Stacey Shapiro- congrats Stacey

      October-November- This month's winner is Mitchell Holder


      November-December- This month's winner is Kaysie Tunks