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    Opportunity to Participate: NBC EducationNation Teacher Town Hall


      Participate in the NBC EducationNation Teacher Town Hall

      Join educators from the across the country on Sunday, September 25, to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing our schools in the second-annual nationally televised Teacher Town Hall. Hosted by Brian Williams, the educator-only forum will provide a unique and visible platform for educators from across the country to make their voices heard, brainstorm new ideas, discuss key policy issues, and ask questions of each other to advance the conversation about teaching in the United States.


      As hundreds of teachers gather in-person at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, NBC News is also inviting teachers from across the country to join the conversation virtually by registering to take part in the conversation at EducationNation.com.


      This special event is part of the 2011 Education Nation National Summit, which consists of live events and panel sessions on Rockefeller Plaza in New York City and is complemented by education reports and programming across the network’s shows and platforms during the week of September 25.


      (Intel - as far as I know - is not involved with this, just seems like an opportunity you might be interested in...)