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    Course Mixing and Matching


      Have you mixed and matched any of the Elements courses? If so, which ones and how did you do it?

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          I have not had the time to carefully look at all of the courses (have taught Collaboration 3 times), so I would not only  be interested in combining, but would also be interested in if there is a better sequence to take them in. Are certain skills introduced in the earlier ones that would permit further in depth discussions in the later ones?


          Stacey-New York

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            Stefanie, I teach the Assessment and the Collaboration courses and have for several years now.  I am also a Senior Instructor in the TWT and Essentials.  Personally, I would not be inclined to mix and match the different courses.  Each has been created as a stand alone course.  One of the drawbacks of the old PT courses was that there was so much info about Collaboration, Assessment, PBL, etc, that it was almost impossible to really understand it in just the one course.  Breaking the concepts into different parts and teaching them individually is a strength of the Elements courses.


            That's one man's opinion.



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              Stephanie - the New York Intel Teach Affiliate offers 3 graduate credits for teachers who take 3 Elements courses. (They can use any 3 of the 6 Elements courses). At the end of each Elements course teachers are issued a certificate of completion. When they have three certificates they can apply for graduate credit.


              There is additional work to be done before the graduate credit is awarded:

              1. A final project (action plan) from one of the Elements must be completed and peer reviewed.

              2. a personal reflection for classroom implementation must be completed


              This semester we are offering an online graduate course (EDIT 701) using the content of three Elements:
              1. Project Based Learning

              2. Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms
              3. Collaboration in the Digital Classroom


              I'd be glad to share the course syllabus. Email me if you want a copy tdiener@nyit.edu

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                In Colorado, several of our participants have asked if they can take two classes at one time.  We have suggested the Collaboration course with the Assessment course or the PBA and Thinking Critically with Data course together. However, we encourage them to only take one course at a time especially during the Fall and Winter Sessions.  Summer time allows for more time to be committed to course work. Therefore it is somewhat easier for our teachers to take more than one course at a time.  We are also offering other courses as well.  We have the Thinkfinity courses as well as a cell phone course and also a Digital Mapping course.


                We have now begun to offer our courses one following another separated by one week of a break.  This was a request from our teachers and we will see how this works shortly.