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    Examples of Exemplar 1:1 Deployment Initiatives


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      The question keeps coming up in many discussions I am having with school districts nationally and with immediate Intel colleagues- "Can you showcase to me exemplar 1:1 examples of what the big picture deployment process, professional development training, and policies of a successful 1:1 initiative look like?"

      Well- with any 1:1- every deployment looks different- but there are some similarities, there are different success and failure rates, different PD methods and tools of choice to be the delivery vehicle.  At this time I would like to share with you an article and video clip about the "The Mooresville Tech Revolution"

      of one districts story of their 1:1 initiative deployment process. I would like your critical feedback on this article and video- and please share with all of us where you are at in your 1:1 deployment- supported with questions/suggestions you may have, or strategies/solutions to assist the many 1:1 initiatives all of us may be investing

      I am also attaching a summary of 1:1 initiatives I am seeing and working with in the Midwest in the USA to provide you an overview of the many different methods to this innovative concept. In WI we are also hosting a 1:1 learning conference in Lake Geneva, WI this year and I am excited to announce that Christian Long will be one of our keynote speakers who is one of the authors of the book The Third Teacher. The Third teacher books is about innovative ways to design and transform your classroom to support 21st century teaching and learning.  So many times individuals get hung up on the tool- where in reality we to focus on the teaching and learning environment for students to be our main focus.  So feel free to join me with a few 100 others to experience this innovative conference and conversation.


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          I read the article and watched the video. I am totally for 1:1. Right now we have about 2 students per desktop or netbook, although our desktops are at end of life, and the netbooks are a bit limited. My concerns are that failing equipment will not be repaired or replaced, updates will be difficult if teachers aren't given enough privileges, and teachers will neglect valuable instructional methods and activities that do not involve computers or iPads.

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            I came across this article this AM titled: "DAILY INSIGHT: Planning for One-to-One laptops and BYOD" http://www.schoolcio.com/print/50809  I particularly appreciated the down to earth and straight forward strategies of addressing a 1:1 and BYOD as a blended technology approach to the tools and varied opportunities for student learning. This article also outlines the critical steps to address the planning process of a 1:1 and to focus on the vision of "it must  be done on purpose and with purpose."


            Where are your districts or schools in the planning process for a one-to-one laptop initiative and BYOD?  What is working well, what setbacks have you encountered and what solutions have you found to make your program successful?