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    Free, Live Broadcast with Addams Family Cast -Take the "No Snap Judgments" Pledge!


      Just in time for National Bullying Prevention Month, the sponsors of The Addams Family No Snap Judgments social acceptance initiative invite middle school teachers and their students to participate in a live, 30-minute Internet broadcast focusing on tolerance and acceptance to be delivered, free of charge, on October 13th, beginning at 11:30 a.m. Addams Family cast members will lead participants in taking the No Snap Judgments Pledge at its conclusion. See the attached E-vite pdf  for more details.


      Not middle school or can't attend?  Check out nosnapjudgments.org and schedule your own pledge day!  And be sure to take a preview peek at the No Snap Judgments online learning module containing K-12 grade-banded, Common Core Standards-based lesson plans, activities and more!  And the best part of all, in addition to being free, is that using these resources is a snap!


      Have an Addams' day, which, of course, would be a delightfully terrible one ,  





      Karen Mack

      National Education Spokesperson and Author
      The Addams Family No Snap Judgments

      Snap! Snap!