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    The loss of a visionary


      I woke up this morning with the news that Steve Jobs had passed away  I  was a bit surprised at how saddened my heart was with this news, and  what loss I felt.  I laid in my bed wondering why I was so struck by  this man's death whom I did not know.  I finally realized that even  though I did not know Steve, my life has been so much influenced by his  creative mind.  I am an "Apple" person since I first touched a computer.  In our household my husband was the "DOS" person and I was the "Apple"  person.  We were on different sides of this computing battle since day  one.  We finally just decided to integrate both computer systems into  our family.  I actually did not see Steve Jobs until I watched him  introducing the brand new "ipad".  I really enjoyed listening to this  mild mannered man and instantly liked him and his product even more.   Mr. Jobs was a man with his strengths and flaws, but he was a creative  soul that made the world a more interesting place.  You will be missed,  Steve, by people who knew you well, and by millions others who were  touched by your creative genius.

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          Carol - I agree with you.  I think that every member in the community must have an "Apple" Story - the first computer I used was a MacIntoish in College - and then when I joined the gym I had to get the first generation iPod to help me with my work-out.  Now everyone in the family has their own nano, or shuffle.


          I wonder what other memories our community has.  What was the first "Apple" product you used with your students?  What is your "Apple/Steve Jobs" Story?

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            El día de su muerte la capitalización bursátil de Apple era de  350.670 millones de dólares Cuando salió a  bolsa en 1980 una acción costaba, según su precio ajustado, lo que hoy  serían unos dos euros. El día en que murió valía más de 280 (377  dólares) y contaba con unos ratios financieros envidiables. Estos datos  avalan el reconocimiento como ejecutivo que le ha acompañado en la  última etapa de su carrera, en palabras de Rupert Murdoch «Steve Jobs fue simplemente el mejor consejero delegado de su generación». Coincidía en ello con la revista Harvard Business Review que ya le reconoció como tal a finales de 2009.

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              There were three Apples that changed the world. First, the apple which tempted Eve, second, the apple which made Newton contemplate the Law of Gravity and third .....
              The Apple Inc. by STEVE JOBS .

              Great Legend

              A True Inspiration for many



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                I just want to mention a few thoughts about Steve Jobs. For a man who basically changed the concept of the computer to something anyone could own, he always seemed to keep that "Isn't this neat" attitude about each new innovation he presented. I always felt that he kept alive that mindset that he and the other Steve--Wozniak--shared when they were a couple of guys in a garage who realized they could build a computer around the chips that were newly available in electronic stores. That image of them assembling the  first Apple computers on a shoestring budget --what fun! Those are the images I treasure; the business successes and rivalries fade when I think of that sense of joy of discovery that Steve Jobs gave to the world.